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In August 2023, ASG Max was launched, which merged content from Active Duty, Prides Studios, and Next Door Studios.

How has ASG Max been doing for you since its launch?

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How has ASG Max been doing for you since its launch?
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9 thoughts on “Rate the site: ASG Max

  1. It’s better than I thought it would be. My only complaint is that as a member of Active Duty, I don’t like the site is updated every other week instead of every week like it was before this merger. Aside from that, the films are mostly on point and i get off to the films, so it’s a winner in my book!

  2. There are too many cross over actors who fuck anything for money for me for ASG MAX. The question is whether quality and credibility suffer as a result. Who knows. I’m skeptical, even though this “company” hasn’t subscribed to an “agenda” yet and, at least for now, only produces gay porn. We have to wait and see. It’s dark times for gay porn this year.
    Like with Men again, for example. They didn’t publish a scene under the WNB banner, even though Maverick Sun fucks a woman in the pussy, and they let it run as gay porn. As I already said, MEN/MG proves once again that they are a queer porn company that no longer wants anything to do with gay porn. “The BEST queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid adult porn site on the Internet!”. LOL

  3. I like it. Big fan of Nico Coopa. And I know they’re, um, unusual, but I like those “Free Use” videos; understand that they are not everyone’s cup of tea, and it depends on the guys whether they can pull it off, but at least it’s something new in the world of porn, and idk, I just like them.

  4. I like the NDS content and am pleased that now the Taboo subcategory no longer requires a separate subscription. That always seemed lame as the Taboo scenes aren’t particularly kinky — they just had fauxcest setups using the same models as the other NDS categories.

  5. Nextdoor used to have models who you didn’t see everywhere else; and some of them were great performers. In recent years that’s changed (they have a few exclusives, but some of them started elsewhere), and so has the quality of the performances/direction/productions, mostly for the worse. They’re still capable of producing hot scenes, and they still have some really good models, but on the whole they generate less heat than they once did. The directors/writers/producers don’t have the talent to pull off their more ambitious scripted scenes – all too often you have to sit through 20 minutes of drivel before anything resembling sex begins, and when it does it’s usually mediocre, often with wasted cum, as though everyone’s efforts have been focused on the wrong thing. For a while they were poaching models from corbinfisher; it’s telling that they invariably performed better for corbinfisher, for whatever reason. So, a mixed bag.

    1. I’m aware of a few former CF guys who can be seen at NDS: Dave became Elye Black, Brayden became Nathan Styles. Most prolific, of course: Quinn reborn as Quin Quire. Most recent: Roman becoming Damian Night. Can you refresh my memory on others? I think Elliot Finn, maybe, but I can’t recall his CF name.

      1. Let me help fill in the blanks on their CF transition:
        Wesley became Elliot Finn.
        Adriano became Alessandro Drago.
        Carson became Dante Martin.
        Casey II became Michael Jackman.
        Colt became Calvin Chambers.
        Easton became Drake Tyler.
        Miles became Charlie Pattinson.
        Rowan became Gunner.
        Ryder became Dante Colle.
        Zane became Zane Williams.

        There have been a few that have gone the other direction, but to me none as notable as Justin Weston who only did a casting video for NDS then went on to become very successful as Riley at CF.

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