17 thoughts on “Rate the site: Carnal Plus

  1. Not a fan of the majority of the sites that come from there. Like Say Uncle, there’s too much dominant/submissive stuff going on, even if the top is a Twink. The sex is very heteronormative and it lacks passion. It’s another hard pass over here.

  2. This site borders on child porn, these twinks look underage and then you have them paired with guys in their 50 and 60s, its disgusting.

  3. Stopped watching and worrying about them long, long ago when I realized many if not most of the internal cum shots were all fake….why bother…just shut it down.

  4. Half the videos you watch to the end, and one or more of the actors does not even have a cum shot. when will they figure out it’s called the money shot for a reason.

  5. More or less agree with everyone else….there’s a market for twink porn and while not really my interest, I think that’s awesome but there’s a difference between twink porn and the tropes this site engages in. And especially after the documentary on this site that was released a while back and knowing they basically intentionally market themselves to ephebophiles…pretty off-putting.

    I like Twink Top, the some of the other sites are really pretty gross.

  6. I mean, I feel like this site has improved. They gave us more Dads and older models, but still no Legrand as a bottom. I know he probably only wants to be seen as a top, but… I feel like I can speak for a lot of his fans want to see him bottom at least once (before he gets too old… no offense)

  7. Carnal Plus glorifies human trafficking (via Boy for Sale). Anyone that gives money to them is helping to legitimize human trafficking. And the fact that this blog promotes their sites makes you complicit. You are trash just like the people who run that site.

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