13 thoughts on “Rate the site: Gay Hoopla

  1. They need to rename the site “Hoopla” because there’s nothing “gay” about it anymore. When they took the action out of the site, they took the lifeline out of it. It’s a shell of its former self and it needs to be put out of its misery.

    1. Naw Hooplaimplies some sort of crazy adventurous time. That isn’t even appropriate any longer. They need to name it “Str8 lame fucks using dick pill bucks”. There that’s fitting.

  2. You really dare to let people above of a site, that has long since been deliberately killed by their owners, after years of financially exploiting gays, with bad sex between men that had absolutely nothing to do with GAY, just to fulfill their homophobic dream of a pure one straight site to fulfill and build?
    By now, even those lying rats behind the three former websites should have realized that they will never be able to set a feet in gay porn again. I’m glad the nightmare is over, they take a break and hopefully never come back. Only bad things or shit come out of it anyway…

    1. I agree. I had never joined the site as only a fraction of the scenes looked good. But with the site’s decline in the last year and sensing it would soon fold completely, I decided last summer to grab a discount 30-day membership to load up on old stuff. We’ve seen enough examples of sites that suddenly disallow downloading or [worse] simply pull down their good vintage content.

  3. Is it possible to vote for less than one star? No? Well, that’s one star more than this site and these people deserve.

  4. Might as well write the “in memoriam” review of this site. What put them on the map for me was they somehow found some of the hottest, college, muscle asses on the planet. Just big, juicy, bubbly asses attached to hot or at least very cute guys. And the kicker was that they got a good number of them to fuck. I didn’t even mind when they did the HGF stuff as an addition; but I think that’s more primary now. Which may be a blessing in disguise; well for the guys anyway. You always hear G4P guys talking about gay porn being the only gateway they have into porn (BS…it’s the one that paid more.) But now they have a formerly gay site that has demonstrated there are gay and bi men willing to pay to see straight guys be straight. Actually hope it works out for them. Kinda over G4P guys in gay porn; prefer seeing them in their natural state.

    1. I don’t disagree with you at all…look at See Him Fuck, some mainstream straight porn stars have performed for that website…Gay Hoopla traffic definitely can’t be what it used to but they’re also spending way less money on the site so they probably are saving money in the balance while prioritizing their straight site.

      You don’t have to fuck men to get gay money anymore and that is kinda ending G4P and because of the exposure of porn these days most straight men aren’t willing to perform with other men on camera anymore. There are gay/bi men who will pay to watch straight men fuck girls, jerk off, dirty talk. Cam shows, studio solos, Onlyfans solos or muscle play with other straight men…a lot of money in it for these guys.

    2. I agree with you and your new “friend” who answered you.
      Since you are two queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people, you two can’t find anything bad about such sites. Especially if the gay label is still used on their sites constantly or pussy scenes are produced for GAY porn websites. So I’m not surprised by your two opinions.

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