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  1. They’ve got a lot of hot men for sure. But I can’t get past, over all the years, all the bad press Michael gets. I gave them a 1-star because of that.

  2. What impresses me the most here is the hypocrisy and hypocrisy of the people here and the actors who worked for this studio. You all now want to boycott a studio and destroy it just because the owner is a crazy psychopath who (of course) said wrong things or his opinion? Like many other studios, their owners and performers from other studios have caused scandals, even killed people or themselves, drugs, alcohol and sexual abuse were commonplace, and yet they were always forgiven and porn just continued made? But what tops it off even more is that many studios like MEN, CF or Gayhoopla and their actors are now making a play about “queer” or “bi” and filming cunt scenes in gay porn with actors who “supposedly” portray themselves as gay ( LOL), like MEN is doing again with Trevor Brooks, and everyone likes it, and none of the hypocritical trash queens who subscribe to these studios complain? Why should I dislike or boycott a studio even though they have been filming and producing high quality (ONLY) gay porn for more than 20 years. And then I should act like this, but should I pay and not boycott a studio and actors who shit on gay porn, gay culture or gays in general and shoot porn scenes with vaginas? The same goes for the lying actors who do this? Of course I don’t agree with what Michael Lucas and some of his actors (like Sergeant Miles) said or did. But everyone who is screaming loudly now, regardless of whether they are people here or actors out there, should look in their own mirror. You all aren’t any better either….

    1. Stop justifying vile and depraved behavior so you can watch porn. There are better sites that don’t have narcissistic scum like Michael Lucas running them.

      1. I’m not justifying vile and depraved behavior, just pointing out vile and depraved behavior of people here on this blog when they don’t like gays or dislike it, who defend gay porn and reject vagina scenes in gay porn. These are the same people who are now dislike a gayporn studio, just because everyone is pretending to be correct. Just like the actors who have already filmed for Lucas, claim to be gay, and then have fucked women in bi or straight porn. It’s all a question of mendacity and hypocrisy. No DEPRIVATE AND DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR! People already do that themselves here or out there….

  3. I know many people don’t like orgy scenes and I admit they can be hard to watch (usually I just focus on one or two favourite performers) but no other studio produces such high quality, well choreographed and beautifully produced orgies as Lucas.
    I am concerned that his latest stunt (covered elsewhere on this site) could severely limit the talent available to him. Regardless of one’s opinions on the current conflict, it was extremely unwise.

  4. The content is good. The orgy scenes definitely are choreographed well. The outdoor scenes in general….don’t mind em, there’s a few too many of them I think, but people like em….Lucas’ films are high quality. No doubt about it.

    Obviously we know the man who heads it is a ghoul, but the sex is good and the men are hot. They also have broken in new talent we hadn’t seen much of/ever.

  5. If you asked me this question 7 years ago, it would’ve gotten 5 Stars easily but the quality has gone down so much it’s sickening. And Michael Lucas alone makes it a 1-Star site. Between how he treats his models, how much of a bigot he is and his subpar performances in his films, he needs to be out in a field to never be heard from again.

    Lucas needs to end already.

  6. As long as revolting and ugly Lukas himself isn’t in the scene, about 50% of what his studio produces is pretty decent. Some of the men are incredibly hot.

  7. I am disgusted by the antics and political hatred of Michael Lucas. While I admit to enjoying much of his content (as long as he’s not in the scene) in the past, I will no longer be watching Lucas entertainment. He gets one star from me for being a crappy human being. And blindly supporting needless killings in Gaza and the destruction of infrastructure in the area.
    Shame on you Michael, (Andrei) !

  8. The best gay porn producer in the USA. The men are hot and Michael is fantastic. It is curious how some gays who support countries like Iran where homosexuality is punished by hanging from cranes or how in the Palestinian territories homosexuals have to escape to Israel because the Palestinian Hamas terrorists behead them. But the fact that there are some porn actors (failed, by the way) who also support Islamic countries where homosexuality has the death penalty, means they are very bad people. Israel is the only country in the area where being gay is legal, where gay pride can be celebrated and where the LGBT community is free to live their sexual orientation, be who they want to be and love who they want to love. Long live Israel and the Jews. https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/hollywood-open-letter-israel-support-hamas-war-1235753904/

    1. Trying to simplify an incredibly complicated situation by basically saying Hamas=Iran, Israel❤️Gay=Israel Good? Not helpful. Not as bad as asking for one’s name to be put on a bomb getting sent to kill Palestinians, but still bad. There are legitimate problems with how Israel’s government has handled the Palestinian crisis, which includes actually salivating over the Palestinians finally voting in Hamas because it meant they could eventually wage this war. That does not gloss over Hamas doing evil things and Iran backing them and the Houthis, but there’s no solution without understanding and acknowledging nuance and complication. Rhetoric like yours and Lucas’s doesn’t help at all. Quite the opposite.

  9. Michael Lucas is scum. Haven’t watched his stuff in years. Based on his recent disgusting behavior I made the right decision.

  10. I mean… ML aside, it’s hard for me not to compare it to 2022, in which the site’s content was better… site was even managed better. I think they barely updated their release calendar, and from what I remember also barely had any new models or even new pairings.

  11. “Michael Lucas is scum, but…..”. There is no but. There is “Michael Lucas is a walking piece of garbage, and I won’t watch his movies or support his business, because when I do, I am allowing and supporting his vile behavior”. And if you are performer who films with his company, then you are complicit in his behavior. Period.

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