1. Jktooo

    From bringing ugly and mediocre guys to super sexy hot guys probably the most diverse site in terms of bringing all types of different looking guys together as well as having the guys be mostly versatile in performance (which for me i like my tops to be tops).

  2. Chris

    at least they have new talent each month –

  3. logogay

    When I read people complaining about a studio that “only” shoots and produces gay porn? Even though their number of newbies returning (regardless of their sexuality) is higher than other gay porn studios? The only thing that bothers me is the exaggerated title and the “theme” of this studio, which is about turning straight people gay! It’s old-fashioned, hypocritical and just as unnecessary as the vagina scenes from “gay” porn studios like MEN, CF or Gayhoopla! Otherwise I have nothing to complain about with this studio.

  4. Francis

    Don’t love the theme; the scenes are extremely hit and miss. There are a few hot ones but a lot of them are pretty tacky, guys disinterested in one another, can be a little brutal too with the tops not showing more affection for the bottom. That’s all kinda what you can expect though with this site. It’s very niche so depends on whether somebody into that.

    I do agree though that they cast some hot guys and they have a decent return and retention rate.

  5. NovaStar

    The sex is shockingly pretty good. There are very few scenes that i don’t like when I’ve seen stuff from Broke Straight Guys. I dig them.

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