Accused of assault: Phillipe Massa

Phillipe Massa started in 2015 as Phillipe at Maskurbate.

He returned in 2022 as Phillipe Massa via Men.

He also filmed for The Bro Network and Men At Play.

All his gay scenes had him as the top.

He was on the news this week for his alleged assault on his girlfriendA Montreal-area private trainer accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend allegedly assaulted another woman on the same day, according to court records.

+ Then and now: Phillipe Massa in 2015

+ What do you think happened to Phillipe Massa’s skin?

7 thoughts on “Accused of assault: Phillipe Massa

  1. Another closeted Bi-sexual externalizes his self loathing. And she’ll take him back. Women always do. These creeps count on it.

  2. Now imagine most of the G4P actors from MEN/MG are like that in their private lives. Violent criminals, abusers, thugs or psychopaths! Or people who sit at the top of MEN/MG like Michael Lucas at LE, who would be like that or behave like that! What would the people here, or customers of MEN, or their actors, who are paid so handsomely by this label to shoot the things they do? Would you also cancel, boycott, stop watching or paying for MEN/MG? He is just a small example of this company and many others where something like this can happen. And how do all the people react? I’m saying, hypocrisy and mendacity are written about and shown everywhere. Especially with such a big “Queer/Bisexual/Straight/Pan/Fluid company like MEN/MG that has a lot of money. Instead, excuses, false explanations and even understanding for such companies/actors are said or written. Or a cloak of quiet silence.. …..

  3. It’s always assault, battery, domestic violence…every time I see the rap sheet for a porn star, it’s for brutalizing someone :-/

  4. As said by others….another one on the list. Not the first Canadian G4Per to be accused and won’t be the last. We know MEN will continue to hire them.

    Hopefully the women this abuser assaulted will be OK mentally and physically in the long run.

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