18 thoughts on “Rate the site: Tim Tales

  1. The tops on this site (most) r so fkn hot! Who tf cares if the tops never bottom? Idgaf! Tim, Gustavo, Alberth, Caio, doesnt matter, fkn hot tops!

  2. Also a completely European produced gay porn site with big-cocked actors that has also consistently defeated the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid alliance of American conversion therapy ideologies for years! Nobody notices this difference now. Or no one notices it on purpose. So many good gay porn websites that are produced outside of America and have nothing to do with it? Just pure gay porn? Even WITHOUT the actors being offensive to their gay customers and gay fans online? As offensive and disrespectful as MEN, CF, Gayhoopla and other American companies treat their performers towards gay culture? But that’s just fake, hate speech or misinformation. Not true?

  3. It’s definitely a niche website, but there are plenty of guys into the niche and always will have a desired/welcome presence within the gay porn landscape.

  4. Love Tim, and his never ending supply of big dick tops, and slutty bottoms.
    Pure gay sex, and eroticism. I just pray that Tim never goes down the FTM / conversion therapy, pit of hell, that has all but destroyed “gay porn”.

  5. The fucking can sometimes seem aggressive, mechanical and almost hostile to the bottoms, but for the most part it’s a marvelous site, less because of the huge cocks on the tops (a few of which I find unattractive; size isn’t enough) than for the remarkable array of extremely hot, eager bottoms, who make so many performers elsewhere seem seem tame.

  6. One of the worst sites on the web. No passion, the tops never suck dick and the sex looks painful as fuck for the bottom. Brutality will never be sexy.

    And i wish a loser bitch would downvote that

    1. “No passion, the tops never suck dick and the sex looks painful as fuck for the bottom” because it is not intended to be like that. This is a wild site that focuses on the animal side of sex and I love that.

      1. @sammy1023 making a comment like that tells me that you’re the boring one.

        The lowlifes just crawl out from the dirt don’t they?

  7. 5/5
    I love that wilderness, anacondas drilling the holes and the powerbottoms begging for dick like if they need it like air to our lungs. Long live to sex and lust.

  8. Most Tops are hot and really good fuckers with a lot of good energy.
    But I feel that TimTales no longer has any hot and cool bottoms.
    Most bottoms looks they are drained of all energy and the are quite ugly.
    A friend of mine said of TimTales, it feels like their primary audience are ugly and boring passive guys that would not like to see really hot btms fucked hard by hot tops, cause what would that to to their self esteem?
    More hot hansom bottoms for 2024.
    Joaquín Santana is always a pleasure when he drops in to get fucked.

  9. TT does seem to do some hot stuff, from time to time, but they are anti-flip flop evangelicals. It’s like once a model does one position there, they never change. If you want to watch them do something else you got to go check out their only fans…. which is why this site can be a let down for me.

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