X: Beau Butler “He said yes.”

22 thoughts on “X: Beau Butler “He said yes.”

    1. Every time Pierce Paris lists his former occupations, he includes a new one.

      Pierce seems to have the (in)securities of George Santos, too.

      Like bsg67 said, he seems unable to keep a job, so I am amazed that he got married and allowed his wife to have 3 children.

  1. Good god.. All these tweets are about as self serving as a bunch of bears at an all- you- can- eat buffet with an open bar.

    Greedy AF

  2. Lucy Hart – No Lucy….No it is not.
    Jack Hunter – Good Luck. I have been a fan since you started. Happy to see more from you.
    Robert Royal – Good Luck and Good Bye
    To the usual group showing doctor office pictures showing how “sick” you are….Get well. Get A JOB. Quit trying to get “fans” to pay your way thru life. Its Pathetic as fuck.
    Diesel – Finally admitting it. That is the first step. Yes, you are quite Mad.
    Pierce Paris – Oh God, he is showing us all his impressive and ever growing resume AGAIN. I think I have it memorized by now.

      1. Don’t like people’s comments or if they call you out on your attention seeking antics, so you resort to abuse? That’s the behavior of a certain orange tinted former President.

  3. What an utterly tragic person Beau Butler is. Overexposed, out of shape, pencil dick, has had more traffic in him than the channel tunnel, and dumb as a bag of rocks.
    And before anyone chimes in…no. I’m not jealous. As. If.

      1. Yes. You got it 100%. Hit the nail on the head. Busted me. I’m totally jealous of everything that Beau is and I am not.

  4. Lucy hart – gross/big pass
    Diesel/Sharok/Pierce/Bruce – go away
    Peter P. – maybe talking with a licenses mental health professional is better then getting advice from strangers.
    Beau – I’m guessing that won’t last long

  5. Beau Butler had other boyfriend last months ago and with the “new” is already proposed. That was fast!

    Really Alejo Needy Of Attention Montoya here? Boring, narcissist and selfish person! He is NOT a “pornstar”, is another OnlyFans creator with muscles who believes is star”, but he’ll NO

  6. I don’t have any issues with Beau. He seems like a genuine person. That’s what matters. He isn’t malicious. He’s cute and he’s a good performer. I wish his marriage the best.

    Pierce hopefully decides to join one of those other fields in 2024. Or at least quits gay porn, although he basically already has and barely makes any exclusive gay scenes these days. Good.

    Hope all the guys struggling with mental/physical health get better and are 100% soon.

    Diesel, you acted like an asshole to a lot of people and basically destroyed your career and went from the top to an outcast because of how you treated people. Hopefully you’ll look back at that and make amends and reckon with that rather than justify it with the mental health challenges you faced because it really isn’t a good defense.

    1. Yup that’s me an asshole,
      I’m an asshole for calling out the racists, drug addicts and studios that dont hire Men of color.
      I’m an asshole for speaking my mind and not pandering or catering to fans
      I’m an asshole because I’m real, have nothing to hide..

      Destroyed my career???
      You dumb fuck, I retired in 2016 because gay porn switched to bareback and that is where I draw the line. I’m not performing at my own risk, for pennies on the dollar just because people want to see me fuck raw.

  7. Kyler Drake – to the gym it is

    Lucy Hart – girls don’t have dicks

    Chris Blades/Julien Rome/Cole Ryan – here’s hoping they make full & speedy recoveries from their ailments

    Diesel Washington – I don’t blame him from feeling like he does & I hate that the gay porn world treated him the way that they did. He deserved better than that.

    Sharok – I’m not a big fan of his but i support the boycott of Michael Lucas. ML is trash and i hope he is destroyed this year.

    Pierce Paris – that’s someone who needs to be left behind in 2023.

    Beau Butler – congrats to him.

    Bruce Beckham – i hope he achieves his goal this year but i hope he makes better porn in 2024 cause he’s be making some crappy porn as of late.

  8. Sharok, the only one who is boycotted here is you because no production company wants to work with you. If you like Islamic countries so much, go live there again. Iran where they hang homosexuals from cranes or Gaza or the West Bank where they behead the LGBT community would be very good and if you already make a porn with an Islamic terrorist gang it would be wonderful to see how they play soccer with your head. You have to be a bad beast to justify the murder, kidnapping and rape of Jews and defend countries where people are sentenced to death for being gay. I hope that the production companies continue not wanting to film with you. Karma is a bitch.

  9. LOL, I knew most porn stars weren’t the brightest, but I can’t get my head around porn stars, whether gay or straight, being on the side of people who despise them and who would throw them off the top a building, flay them or hang them without thinking twice and with no remorse whatsoever.

    It’s like stupidity at the highest level.

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