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  1. A little bit better than CF. Sean Cody used to be the greatest site. Now, it is boring to see average good looking guys having sex in almost they same scenario. The idea of luring straight guys to have gay sex was its prime. Now, it’s politically incorrect.
    On the other hand, I miss Brandon, Stu, Abe Tanner and Jax. I hope You are doing well

    1. It’s not politically correct but the big reason is really because you can’t remain anonymous and do gay porn anymore for studios. The G4P market is onlyfans and reddit now. Instagram too. It’s no longer studio porn and never will be again because straight men no longer have to fuck men to get gay money.

  2. I’ve resented this site since they dropped downloads and STILL mislead in their marketing with language like “FULL ACCESS.” I have more respect for sites that spell it out clearly: STREAMING ONLY, etc.

  3. Gawd forbid ANY site retain any sort of “identity” that isn’t fully “inclusive”! Sure, there can be ALL LATIN sites, ALL BLACK sites, ALL BDSM sites, etc. But there ain’t NO WAY we’re gonna allow any ALL WHITE sites, not on our watch! 🙄 x 555! SC, much like CF, had a very specific — and very successful, no? — mission/identify. Now you don’t know what the hell’s gonna pop up (no pun) week to week! Why be like nearly every other site out there? Proudly (re)stake out your slice (white all-American possibly “str8” college guys — is it really too much to ask that we allow just 1 or 2 sites like that?) and call it a day, I say.

    1. SC is still overwhelmingly White or Mediterranean. Like, that’s 90%+ of their roster. Same with SC. You’re going on a pretty racist rant for literally no reason lol that ain’t what’s befalled SC/CF. You’re right that people don’t buy what they sell but SC doesn’t sell straight men having sex anymore and hasn’t for several years….almost all their models for years have been gay/bi.

      1. Excuse me…meant same as CF….90% of their roster is White. They’re even more White than SC is so not sure what your point is beyond you not wanting to see non-white models.

  4. This is a site that is truly horrible. The men are gorgeous but the sex is bad. It’s so heteronormative and i don’t like the dominant/submissive nature of the sex. It’s just not fun to watch for me. I’d rather watch a Corbin Fisher film. The guys look like they enjoy each other more and more times than not there will be stuff like tops sucking dick & verse sex happening. The quality of SC is getting worse each year & it sucks to say that but the truth is the truth.

  5. Imma say it like it really is: people don’t like this site because it features below average “soft” gay men who lack sex appeal and are seriously cringe at sex, either in front of a camera or behind, and they all just happen to have an OF account.

  6. 1 star. The scene direction is extremely boring and repetitive, and the sex is stiff and dispassionate. There is no versatility and the tops don’t even suck dick anymore. It’s just so very stale.

  7. What’s truly missing on this site is the chemistry. Even though many were gay for pay, the models performed, did the deed and the good ones stayed. But the biggest change was when Walden Woods left. The performances aren’t there any more. It seems like the models are trying so hard to be Sean Cody models, they just forget to relax and have sex. It doesn’t help that they aren’t that great at OF work either. I rarely watch them any more and when I do because the guys are attractive. I just leave limp and disappointed. I’ve moved on or watch my old SC downloads.

  8. The most recent three times I have joined this site, there has been an issue with payment and ended up with me having to call to ask why I was deceitfully billed for content I never clicked for – and yes, I checked every time. I think SC has some kind of scam going on. The last time I called to get the charges removed, the operator I spoke to admitted that the most calls they got was about Sean Cody and their billing practices.

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