X: Cliff Jensen “Almost 4 years sober from meth.”

17 thoughts on “X: Cliff Jensen “Almost 4 years sober from meth.”

  1. Does anyone know what Pete Pounder is complaining about? I know that PASS now requires a including a clean mgen test, as it’s proven to be a fairly common STD. And if he’s also doing escort work as well as non studio/Only Fans work with women (who are more likely to be asymptomatic) he’s significantly raising his exposer potential. However, mgen is one of the easiest to clear up – a week of antibiotics usually (CDC recommends 2 weeks) – and if he’s regularly testing for all STDs as someone with multiple sex partners should, I can’t see how it would be a problem with getting studio work. And why would he be stopped at the US/Canada border for potentially having mgen? Are border crossing guards now checking for anal and penile leakage?

    1. Peter P. is talking about a STD that is 99% from fucking a real pussy. Doesn’t really matter to most gay guys. Also, I have never really seen him in action but doesn’t look like someone I would follow…

    2. I would never follow Peter P. either. He has never been into men and almost only fucks women. He belongs to the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid generation.

  2. Denz, I love you and your blog. This is, without a doubt, my favourite section – thanks for your selection!!!

    CreamyGorilla’s question is interesting. Some porn models are intelligent and have a very meticulously planned exit strategy and could explain it to him. Sadly, he is neither a porn model nor intelligent, so I guess that ultimately, all he’s doing is asking for advice on how to land a sugar daddy.

    Rocky Vallarta needs medication to treat his bipolar disorder and by the looks of it, Darenger has taken far too much of it. What a pair of utter and complete messes.

    I actually agree with Owen Hawk – most awards are pointless and it isn’t the best who wins (MEN, anyone?), but whomever pays the most or is owed the most favours.

    Davin Strong’s case is simply sad. He’s a self-hating, drug-addicted, homophobic bisexual who writes nonsensical diatribes about pseudo-mysticism and armchair psychology and is always looking for ways to appear more daring and impressive, but all he achieves is to look like a drug-addled mess typing away in a mental haze. Davin, concentrate on looking hot and spare us the torment of your hallucinatory madness. By the way, I wonder if he has contacted his murderer “best friend” Richie, whose Catholic guilt (plus steroids and drugs) drove him to murder TGS’s owner?

    Oh dear Lord, what has happened to Jack Mackenroth’s face? He used to be so handsome and nowadays, he looks like melting ventriloquist’s puppet. Also, how and why would anyone allow a self-confessed heavy drug user who suffers from severe mood swings, to perform any procedures to their face? He is a complete mess and his looks are the WORST advertisement ever for his cosmetology services.

    Nate Grimes’ parents must be SO proud. He is bringing valuable education to the masses by teaching them how to cause irreparable damage to their bodies, at a conferential level! And to think that some cynics say that dreams never come true…

    Congratulations to Cliff Jensen on his sobriety. Sadly, this hasn’t had a positive impact on his personality nor the quality of his so-called performances, but I guess that it’s some form of improvement, right?

  3. Nate Grimes is going to end up in hospital. Dude fisting is dangerous. Does this guy want to end up using a colostomy bag? Nate anus is stretched wide it looks unhealthy.

  4. Peter Pounder – Just leave that diseased cunt alone and you wouldn’t get that fucked up STD.
    Ryan Rose – Its been awhile since I have seen this guy. Still looks good. A few of his early scenes got me off big time. Not his biggest fan but glad he is still doing what he needs to to stay out of trouble.
    Never really a fan of Jack Mackenroth. But, he is another example of someone who just cannot keep from “touching up” his face with surgery. Its really a mental addiction for men and women these days.
    They end up looking like a plastic doll, fake as fuck and unnatural. I saw Maria Osmond on TV the other day, my God – she looked unrecognizable.
    Handful, Darenger, Rodrigo, David Strong, – What a grab bag collection of desperate nobody’s….
    Nate Grimes and Cliff Jensen – For the last time, Nobody is watching or listening to you. It IS OVER ! Please just disappear.

  5. Davin comes off insanely pretentious at this point, I actually somewhat enjoyed his diatribes at first because he was coming from a place that seemed genuine and wanting to inform and shed light on things he was going through and mental health. Now it is so obvious that it’s pure attention whoreism. Pretty cringey.

    Nate is still really cute, and if he is having fun, so be it. But his whole is absolutely wrecked. It’s his body, his career, but I also think he could’ve been a star in porn and feel he has short changed himself a little, maybe literally $$$$.

    Not a fan of Cliff but glad he’s doing better, at least with meth. We know he’s had his other issues, so hopefully he has people around him keeping him in check.

    Rocky is a mess and he’s also conceited, which is not a great combination.

    Jack is a mess too, but again….it’s his body and no judgement. Looking for happiness through plastic surgery is fools gold though.

    Heart goes out to Ryan Rose and his fam.

  6. Back in the day and when Jack was a professional swimmer, he was BEYOND HANDSOME. What he’s done to him now though and he looks like he’s had the F. Murray Abraham treatment in “Star Trek: Insurrection”, another from Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” and I’m sure that Botched Up Bodies could dedicate an entire episode to him alone.

  7. It is a shame that so many get involved with drugs. It is never going to end well. While I wish people the best getting out of the problems they create, I don’t want to hear about it!

    Jack is a pure mess. It is a shame, he was a cute guy and I like watching him years ago on Project Runway. At this point, he just needs to stay off social media.

    Nate Grimes such a beautiful guy, I’ve met him in person. He has a sexy body. However, all his fisting can’t be good for his body. I just wish him well, I was sweet when I met him.

  8. I literally hate all of them. The whole industry is rancid. Half the performers are current or former meth users. It’s disgusting.

  9. Oh Rocky “drugs are easily digested, fun and never used as a cleaning product”. Doesn’t know that G is literally used as a cleaning product, and to peel paint and varnish off. And fun? Ever seen anyone overdose on G or K? I doubt they would consider that fun.
    Jack, Jack, Jack…last year you were begging for money for hearing aids via go fund me, and you are now spending thousands of dollars on making your face look like an episode of botched? How pathetic.

  10. Creamy Gorilla is rapidly losing his hair from both alopecia and probably genetics + steroids. He’s usually completely erect during his performances but gives oral like a straight guy. He should just retire and find another job as I don’t see him bottoming much in his future.

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