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22 thoughts on “Back in action: Connor Halstead aka Grayden

  1. Wow. I would never, ever have guessed that Grayden 2024 = Connor 2012. I guess that is the difference between early-mid 20s and mid-late 30s. And it’s not that he looks bad now, it’s just so different bulked up. I liked his scene with Landon back in the Sean Cody golden era. Speaking of Landon, I’ve seen literally nothing about him which is unusual given that he filmed for a fairly long time. Any news?

  2. Slap his ass on a biscuit and cover it in honey, hunny. Colton looks so damn sexy. He’s a big ole gay hunk too. Winner in my book.

      1. If someone a person who has been writing here repeatedly claims not to judge anyone, even if gay porn studios or gay porn in general try to stage straight or bi “conversion therapy scenes” with women and (supposedly) gay gay porn performers and establish gay porn for them, and protect them and supports, then please don’t act as if you don’t know what your “queer” friend is talking about! You are all hypocrites together and are the very ones who are pushing and supporting this agenda to destabilize gay porn! So don’t everyone act so hypocritical now.
        We all already know what point of view and preferences many “pseudo gays” have here in this Blog!

        1. There was a report today that Str8up gayporn had a hacker on the site. I’ve believed this for a long time. There are many hackers everywhere todays who are wreaking havoc on gay porn blogs and have been doing so for a very long time. Also here in this blog. That’s why they destabilize gay porn with such opinions, statements and false claims. This also includes the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda of which YOU also belong. I didn’t expect any answer other than your STUPID one here!

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