First time: Real-life lovers Calan and Bryce

aka Calan
aka Bryce

Introduced last week month by Corbin Fisher, the first scene partner of Bryce on the site was his real-life lover, Calan.

What you’re about to see here with Bryce and Calan is a genuine treat – two guys who are very much into one another and incredibly turned on by one another having some outrageously hot sex.

We’d all been eager – dare I say desperate? – to see Bryce in action when he first arrived, and he’s certainly not disappointing here. His body looks awesome, his demeanor is playful and sensual, and there’s no doubt he’s having himself loads of fun in this one. There’s also no doubt he and Calan are having themselves a blast. With Bryce being a sexy, studly new addition to CF and Calan looking his sexiest and studliest since first appearing on CF, these two are ready to take things to a whole new level while we enjoy the show.

Bryce obviously can’t get enough of Calan’s hole, just as Calan can’t get enough of Bryce’s cock. These two go well together, are super into one another, and are hot as heck to see in action with each other!

8 thoughts on “First time: Real-life lovers Calan and Bryce

  1. This actually looks hot. I look forward to seeing this. And it’s nice to be interested in film & not ripping one apart.

  2. Looks fantastic. Like NovaStar said, it’s nice to see genuine connection on screen between two performers and really enjoying each other’s bodies and enjoying one another’s energy.

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