Roque Rems, Kyler Drayke, Sean Cody, and Corbin Fisher

Roque Rems, who is often the top, had a flip-fuck scene with Nico Zeta at Lucas Entertainment, his second time as the bottom on the site.

Kyler Drayke had his first scene at Carnal Plus via Masonic Boys as the top to Dex Devall.

Sean Cody, not known for their love for feet, has an upcoming scene with Rocky Unleashed and Shamu Azizam that had Shamu service the feet of Rocky.

Corbin Fisher had a group photo of their models on the front page of the site. Is this their roster of models for the whole year?


  1. logogay

    The actors of Lucas and SC are hot and Dex is sexy. Kyler Drake is a crossover porn performer who also fucks and licks women and pussy. And one should accept that CF is no longer what it once was. Now there is only the economy menu on their menu.

  2. Pascal

    CF not featuring Barron front and center in their promotional material is obscene

  3. NovaStar

    Lucas: This is the type of movie I’d love but Lucas has a way of fucking up a flip flop film so I’m not that excited. And it’s Lucas, anything from that evil asshole Michael Lucas gets a major side-eye from me

    Masonic Boys: That site is shitty as fuck & i hate that Kyler Drayke is in one of their films because i know i won’t see Kyler at his absolute best because anything from Carnal Plus doesn’t have Tops operating at their full potential, with them usually not sucking dick. It’s a hard pass out the gate.

    Sean Cody: Anything off of that site is pure garbage too and the pics from this new film doesn’t make me think any differently. Looks boring as fuck like the majority of SC films look in 2024.

    Corbin Fisher: I hope they have more men than this. That being said, if the sex is worth a damn to watch, then less is more lol.

  4. Francis

    Dex is absolutely cute. CF models aren’t bred like they used to be. No offense to those guys above, but they’re nowhere near the lookers we had before with CF. The one in the middle and the one on the far left are hot, Barron is OK, but the rest…not porn quality, or even close for my money.

    Fuck LE but it is always nice to see a top diversify his portfolio.

    • Francis

      Of course, that’s James in the middle, his BF Bryce also with CF, and Eli on the far left. They’re gorgeous and they’re gay, which makes them even better. They’re by far the best CF has alone with Damien. Barron is good at what he does, but still not plussed with CF as a whole. Guys we’ve pretty much all seen elsewhere, unlike before….guys far less in the All American vein as before, and simply less hot.

  5. srw

    I feel like the owner of Corbin Fisher eats the exact same thing for every single meal.

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