Happy Valentines: She Dumped Me, Valentine’s Day Fuck Feast, and Just Be Mine

She Dumped Me at The Bro Network with Allen King and Lobo Carreira.

Lobo Carreira’s girlfriend thinks he forgot about Valentine’s Day, so she breaks up with him over the phone. Lobo didn’t forget and even spread rose petals all over the bed and the bathtub to blow her away. Slightly bitter, Lobo calls over his bro Allen King who takes care of him in his time of need. These bros are both open-minded and Lobo appreciates his best buddy… besides, who cares about labels?

Valentine’s Day Fuck Feast at Men via a Why Not Bi scene with Malik Delgaty, Mateo Tomas, and La Petite Blonde.

Malik Delgaty has planned a romantic Valentine’s Day meal for his girlfriend La Petite Blonde, and at the restaurant, waiter Mateo Tomas flirts with both of them. Mateo recommends the oysters as an aphrodisiac, and the hunk says he’ll try anything once! Mateo offers the couple a private tour and brings them into the back room, where they start kissing. Mateo and La Petite suck Malik’s cock, and then Malik bends his girlfriend over to fuck her while she blows the waiter. Malik tries out Mateo’s hole before the threesome start a train on the floor. La Petite jacks off Mateo as he rides Malik, then Malik fucks his GF and cums on her pussy.

Just Be Mine at Next Door Studios with Kane Fox and Ryder Owens.

After a heated fight, Ryder Owens and Kane Fox are left with what seems like a ruined Valentine’s Day. Ryder then makes a grand gesture to earn his boyfriend’s heart once again. Kane can’t resist Ryder’s heartfelt apology, and sparks fly, once again igniting their eternal flame.


  1. Oz

    I can’t buy into the Lobo and “girlfriend” story when I’ve seen hot action between Lobo and his real boyfriend, Alex Ink. Now, that’s hot. The rest of the men.bomb stuff is a hard pass as well.

    • loz

      Only the two – Lobo+Alex are perfect and unbeatable for me. If they are separated and with another partner, they look unreliable ….

  2. logogay

    It doesn’t surprise me that MEN play the homophobic card and show sex between men and a woman on Valentine’s Day. For the people of MEN/ MG, there are no gay couples who make each other “happy” on Valentine’s Day. Everything else is trash and ideologies under the banner of sexual fantasy from a dirty queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda in gay porn!

  3. Bastian

    Oh look, another self-declared “gay” is fucking a vagina for MEN. Why am I not surprised, after all sexuality is fluid these days, just wonder why mainly for non-heteronormative people.

    • logogay

      If sexuality is so fluid then I ask myself why only in gays or gayporn? I never see heteroporn actors fucking men or doing bisexual scenes in straightporn. Why does this only happen in gay porn? And especially at MEN/MG, who describe themselves as the greatest gay porn studio on the internet? Please explain it to me logically…

      • bottomboyfrombrazil

        You hit the nail on the head. These people can scream fluidity all they like, but it’s just a modern name for homophobia because what that means in practical terms is continuing to force or coerce gay men to indulge in heterosexual sex and heteronormative behavior.

      • IDK

        A very poignant question.

        I remember of a very recent case that illustrates this well: a gay couple who engaged with a straight couple on scene. A very “liberated” and “queer” set up… except the straight guy barely allowed the guys to touch him, while they went all out on kitty land.

        I already pointed this out before: it’s really bizarre how many of these self-id gay men who do either bi, straight or FtM content have no sense of reservation while the self-id straight men who do the same act in the exact opposite way.

        Self-id straight men who shoot gay content barely interact properly with the guys they shoot with, never bottom, almost never suck dick. It’s interesting, to say the least.

  4. Camille

    One of my dreams is to have sex with Malik Delgaty.

  5. Francis

    The first two scenes….same garbage heteronormative theme we see all the time. Boring.

    The last scene doesn’t have that, but why can’t we just see a scene with two men who enjoy and love one another, romantic, without any negativity, without any drama? Two men in love having loving, compassionate, and joyous sex. For me, it’s 0/3.

  6. IDK

    MG being as classy as ever.

    What a nice selection of content we have for Valentine’s Day: two pieces of heteronormative garbage back to back!

    In the first one, we have gay relationships being portrayed as unserious scotch tape for straight relationships, with gay men being threated as objects to be used and discarded when convenient by a “straight” men, who will go back to living his real relationship as soon as possible.

    In the second one, we have a very similar dynamic, but more overt: same-sex affection exists as a side element to spice the real relationship, which of course is a straight one.

    And they have the gal to post this shit on MEN.com, as some sort of extra insult to injury. Again: classy.

  7. Cherrystick

    Mateo Tomas has his X/Twitter bio and the first thing it states is “Being gay is FUN”. Then he proceeds to have a woman give him oral sex and then sits there and allows her to slide her bare vagina up and down his penis. So gay, RIGHT?!?! He’s a joke. Used to be a fan, absolutely no longer.

    As a performer, you don’t have to accept every project that comes your way. This man did a WNB scene cause he wanted to have sex with a woman. That sir, isn’t GAY and claiming to be gay while doing so.. damn sure isn’t CUTE nor FUN.

    • logogay

      He has a self-hostage internalized homophobia towards himself like Trevor Brooks and many other gay porn performers who fuck for WNB at MEN/MG as well as the studio itself. Does no one really notice? I mean if they take G4P/Bi guys like Malik, Chuck, William, Kane Roman, Dillon Papi, Kenzo or many others at WNB I wouldn’t care. But this “conversion therapy-like self-destruction” of many gay actors on MEN is sickening. I will never in my life pay a single cent for their content.

  8. etseq

    Mateo is of those Montreal boys who gets recruited as a gogo boy from on of the gay bars – all of them are either g4p or bi…think about it

  9. JR

    How many years has cheeseball Allen King been filming for? And how much dick has he had in him? And he STILL makes those pained “this is the first time I’ve had a dick in me” faces. Girl, you are fooling nobody. Hot dog down a hallway is the term that comes to mind.

  10. Hal

    They put a man with a gay tattoo in a bi scene with a woman and a str8 guy, sounds about as stupid for a MG/MEN scene. Seriously if they want to create a “fantasy” get some better performers.

    • logogay

      MEN/MG is not about creating fantasies. They want to insult the gay community and gays, mock them and make fun of them. What I find worst is their disrespectful ignorance opposite of all the critics on the internet all over the world and the pure narcissism that this queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid alliance displays. I hope one day they get what they deserve, that they go bankrupt and the gays finally break away from this perverted ideological company.

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