If you miss him: Paddy O’brian is back at Men

Paddy O’Brian is known for his work at Men, with over 100+ scenes released from 2012 until 2019.

Paddy was usually the top. He did bottom in thirteen of his scenes and sucked four cocks.

No reason was given for why Paddy stopped filming for Men in 2019. His fans guessed that he left Men since he didn’t want to film a bareback scene. There was talk of his return in 2020. But the condom scene he filmed with Michael Lucas, owner of Lucas Entertainment, was just for his fan site.

He filmed his first bareback scene for his fan site in 2022, with Dean Young as his scene partner.

If you prefer to watch him bareback for a studio, he returned at Men. Again, it was Dean Young who got first dibs.

Paddy @ X


  1. Jktooo

    I LOVE this man! So fucking sensual sexy!

  2. Pavel Ford

    As crazy as it may sound…. This guy looks even Hotter Now. He has aged very well.

    • HermanCee

      I was thinking the same thing. Maturity = HOT. HOT. HOT. He could fuck me 24/7.

  3. Bruiser

    He still looks fine. Perhaps another blast from the past Kris Evans is preparing a return too?

    • HermanCee

      I wish. I follow him on Instagram and that body is incredible. Bigger than when he worked for Bel Ami. He will need a sturdy twink to survive his muscles. Have that insurance up to date. 🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. NovaStar

    I was not a fan of his when he was a regular on MEN. He’s gotten better from what I’ve seen but Paddy is going back to the cesspool, so I’m not hopeful that he will make films that will make me bust many nuts but i could be wrong am I hope that I am. We will see but I won’t hold my breath.

  5. Brandon Lewis

    Scene is coming February 15th, with Dean Young.

    Trailer coming this week!!! Can’t wait

  6. Bsg67

    Poor paddy certainly earned his money that day having to do Lucas… probably had a decontamination shower afterwards

    • HermanCee

      I bet he did. Lucas is a nasty piece of work.

      • A

        Why does Michael receive so much hate? I need context, in the comments I read that it’s disgusting and not if that’s why

  7. logogay

    Since Paddy is bi, they probably only brought him back because he could then fuck pussy for WNB so that they would at least get some attention instead of always bringing actors into their pussy scenes who mainly just shoot gay porn to show that ALL gay men can also fuck pussy (keyword: conversion therapy!). Mateo Thomas has recently been hit. He also has to do “S4P” now and fucks pussy on MEN exactly on a day that is so important for heterosexuals: Valentine’s Day!
    This queer alliance “MEN/MG” shows what they really think about gay and especially about the gay community: namely, nothing. Just insults and doing anything for attention. Then Zachary can celebrate again on his Str8UPGayporn blog with his homophobic users and laugh at gays again (like he always does). And many people (gays?) are still so stupid and still pay for this agenda.
    They didn’t trust Dom King yet because he was too big of a “gay?” fan base, but I think he too will soon be “recruited” as a “straight man” by this querr/bi/straight/Pan/Fluid alliance!
    Back to Paddy. I always had great respect for him and his “gay” scenes. But since I don’t subscribe to MEN anyway, I won’t see his new appearances. I’ll just wait and see if they pair it with pussy. Then I laugh laud. But MEN’s queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid subscribers and fans won’t mind. Please Paddy, keep shooting OF or for other gay porn studios if you don’t want to lose your face to this “agenda”. Would be a pity.

  8. Andrew

    Correction perhaps, the (wonderful) scene he did with Mr Lucy’s was not bareback. Paddy did suck cock with a vengeance

    • Denz

      Thank you!

      I edited the post.

  9. michael

    i will not subscribe to men.com, i am a fan of paddy but i have a limit on how many sites i join at one point i was up to 30 now down to 5 and happy with that.

    • asis

      50 wow lol. have any to trade lol

  10. Fathom

    I like Paddy a lot; he’s very good bottoming in the amateur stuff he’s been doing, very enthusiastic. So handsome, so hot. I just regret that Men is where he decided to end up. ANYWHERE else would have been better.

  11. Harry Bush

    He’s bottomed bare and was creampied twice on his OF site.

    • bo69

      He also has eaten loads from Jonas Jackson, Sir Peter, Billy Essex and Gabriel Cross–enthusiastically.

    • logogay

      Definitely better than when he does “studio work” for MEN/MG. They Agenda just have a lot of money and are now buying everyone back to make them “work” for their “Queer/Conversions” Site!

  12. Camille

    Paddy a sex icon. Many of his OF scenes are incredibly hot.

  13. Reg

    He’s fabulous. I don’t care if he’s gay4pay or bi, but he turns out a great scene.

    I wonder if MEN knew he would be back though, because he was their splash start for YEARS.

    • asis

      dont know why anyone would care what his sexuality is.

  14. Magnus

    Man he looks good getting fucked. The M Lukas scene was disappointing, and that he would let that revolting trash touch him made OBrien slightly less appealing. I hope that he manages his personal “brand” closely and has some input on who and what his scenes include. The Men.com storylines have become unwatchable.

  15. asis

    dude is seriously hot and has one of the best cocks on earth

  16. Francis

    As said by others, regardless of how he may identify and his individual preferences, he is very good at gay sex, more than plenty of gay men. He’s gorgeous. FWIW he doesn’t really profess heterosexuality these days. He’s just having fun and at the end of the day, he is a performer. I’m glad he’s doing studio porn again albeit MEN obviously ain’t the best studio around.

  17. Nick

    Paddy O´Brian is handsome, but he is also very arrogant. He should learn to be gentle. It´s funny, because he is English, but this time the so called English manners didn´t work.

  18. NovaStar

    Revisiting this post, if Paddy takes what’s he’s done from his OF pages & incorporates it, along with him sucking dick more than when he was on MEN back in the day, then this will be a powerhouse return. I’m hoping it will be this and not how he was 10 years ago when he was too good to suck dick, let alone bottom. We will see.

  19. Glen

    I hope he comes back like his work on his OF. I was amazed he seems to be more at ease and natural and just enjoying himself. He is a very sensual person and really passionate. It really shows how the studios really stifle their true personalities. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see him back on the screen. I’m not sure what has fueled this comeback… but I am here for it 100%

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