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If one scene is not enough: Ariel Astra, Roman Todd, Pierce Harrington, and Trevor Brooks

Ariel Astra had a helping hand scene released yesterday by William Higgins. Today, it’s his spanking scene at Str8 Hell. His scene partner on both scenes was Filip Cervenka, who was introduced in 2012.

Filip Cervenka (2012)

Roman Todd is up next at Men, as the top to Alpha Wolfe, and Next Door Studios, in a flip fuck with Jayden Marcos.

Pierce Harrington [aliases] with two scenes at Fresh Men, a solo and a scene as the bottom to Tim Moffie.

Trevor Brooks had a flip-fuck scene released today at Cocky Boys. This Friday, it’s his threesome scene as the top to Michael Venta and Ashton Summers at Men. It will be followed the following day at Next Door Studios, with Aaron Elias as his bottom.

10 thoughts on “If one scene is not enough: Ariel Astra, Roman Todd, Pierce Harrington, and Trevor Brooks

  1. I still enjoy many of the Str8Hell clips, but I actually mostly watch them for Filip Cervenka and less for the featured fellow du jour. Filip is sexier than the rest of the guys he’s paired with nearly every time. I’d love to see some of these scenes with Filip progress beyond “just” handjobs, but that’s unfortunately the nature of the site. When I think of all the guys over the years who’ve had this level of contact with this number of models (Daddy Muggs, Jake Cruise, Rob Navarro, Clay, the Czech Hunter, the Beefcake Hunter, etc.), it’s always a pleasure that Filip is so watchable.

  2. Roman Todd/Samson Dalton (he doesnt hide his real name, why should we), is getting a divorce. The ONLY reason we didnt see him in str8 porn is his wife wouldnt allow. Now theyre divorcing expect him to go same way as Dante Colle, meaning 70/80% str8 porn and a few morsels to his gay fan base. Thats just gonna be the truth, sorry to tell ya’all.

  3. I would be happy if Roman actually disappeared into straight porn forever.
    I’ve honestly been sick of him for years. Dozens of films with the same “crossover actors” leads to oversaturation of the audience. I wonder how MEN subscribers can endure Malik for so long? The same goes for Trevor or Tony. One also wanted to become a “straight porn superstar” (which he still isn’t) and the other always says the same shit: I’m 100% gay, but I fuck pussy for money… And yet they bore consumers while still “feigning” their with gay porn. Anyone of their who wants to fuck pussy and disappear into straight porn has my blessing. Then hopefully a new cell treatment will come to gayporn and we will finally see new and perhaps better or more honest faces who don’t constantly lie to themselves and annoy consumers.

  4. Roman I believe awhile back said that he wanted branch out into straight porn. Roman has already been doing trans porn for years. Roman I guess can kinda be like his BFF Cliff Jensen who recently seemed so thrilled that to be shooting with Brazzers and can do the straight porn he had been longing to do for years.

  5. I’m here to say that I’ve been and continue to be over this strangle hold Roman has over the gay porn realm and gay men. He’s never done anything for me and I for one will be more than happy to see him go right on off to str8 porn world. He should’ve done it a long time ago. I would hope he could save some space for Trevor Brooks too.

    1. Trevor is boring and terrible. Supposedly picked up a Boyfriend during a Rhyheim studio shoot. Trevor real name Diego is Gay 4 Pay.

  6. Add another: Finn August gets his ass plowed at CF and he plows Shapey Shaperson at ColbyKnox.
    As for Pierce Harrington, the interview is fascinating in several respects. It was taped in 2021–he tells the moderator that he was ranked second in the Czech Repoblic’s combination swimming-running championship which happened in 2020–“so last year”, he says. Higgins has posted several of him recently that had to be archived because he has been all over the place since expanding from that site to compile 168 single scene videos and 60 full movie appearances. He notes in the interview that he is a pharmacy student with an expertise in chemistry, and that his family doesn’t know about his porn career (at least at that time.) I have always considered him to be a cheeky little tease at times, and this interview shows that he is not only cute and hot but also intelligent. I would be curious if anyone has any information on whether he is still active or, more importantly, what he considers to be his sexual orientation.

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