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4 thoughts on “Newbie to watch: Skylar Finchh

  1. I do like Skylar’s happy trail. What a nice surprise to see a twink not shaved down completely.
    He also has a nice dreamy eye look to him when getting dicked.
    It would be nice to see him with some better looking scene partners tho.

  2. I saw “SayUncle” and thought “yeah shitty films to follow” and the pics prove me right. He’s cute but the films don’t scream “EXCITING”. Lets see how it goes.

    1. Yes, I agree. He is another model that for What-Ever reason – picked a shitty studio to start with.
      COLE BLUE is another one. Just look at some pictures of Cole, what a face/body/ass/cock??
      Yet he spends his time filming with older way out of shape men. I don’t get it?
      What a waste.

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