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9 thoughts on “If you miss him: Alex Orioli

  1. I am going to sound Bitchy, but both of these guys aren’t aging well. At their age, they should look super sexy. Instead, they look like the last call at the local pub.

  2. Alexi Orioli started with Bel Ami in 2001. He’s in Part 4 of the “Personal Trainers” series as a trainee, which was 2002.

    1. So he’s pushing around 40, now? He was obviously in 18 or over in 2001, so that makes him around that age. Personally, I think that both Dario Dolce and he look gorgeous and the photo that Dario posted simply has bad lighting.

      It’s nice to see that models are happy after they decide to move on to other careers.

    2. He and Brandon Manilow, his boyfriend at the time, were the first to have a bareback/condomless scene released on BAO. And wow, do I remember the controversy that sparked when it was released.

      Nowadays it’s the norm, but back then, the BAO forum boards lit up with a lot of negative comments. Even George DuRoy (or someone posting as him) weighed in and gave their reasoning behind releasing the scene.

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