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X: Quin Quire “On nights like this, when I can’t sleep, nursing my devastated asshole for an anal fissure caused on a porn set.”

re: Vasectomy

20 thoughts on “X: Quin Quire “On nights like this, when I can’t sleep, nursing my devastated asshole for an anal fissure caused on a porn set.”

  1. A few thoughts..

    Fur me, the reason why Masculine Jason is having a hard time finding people to interview, is because they are tired of him profiting from their downfall.. not everyone wants to relive their worst moments, let alone with him 🤐

    Colby Jansen might not be legally held responsible for those pics, but I bet the PR firm he hired (check his tweets) will keep a more watchful eye on what he’s posting🧐

    And I actually thought Ryan Rose was retired but here we are again 😱

    1. He always has been. Hes quite fun really. Very well rounded nice person. I just dont know why he bottoms so often when he has declared he is a top and hates bottoming. Hes also so fucking gorgeous! Someone easy to fall in love w.

    2. He always was since his corbin fisher debut; he was known for messing around with a lot of co-stars off camera; effectively disproving their supposed straightness or rather some viewers delusional perception of those guys.

  2. Does Ricky Larkin not read his own tweets? His entire twitter world is filled with him mocking people, especially people who do not agree with his MAGA mentality. Now, all of a sudden he’s insecure and is advocating everyone to be nice? He should just go away! That would be really nice.

  3. Quin Quire – talk about “behind the scenes”. If selling a fantasy involves you getting hurt just to provide that, then keep it. Pain isn’t pleasure in my eyes.

    Ryan Rose – dramatic much? He’s still a big ole mess i see. Well at least he stays consistent.

    Ricky Larkin – why doesn’t he just go away already? What a loser

    Jacob Diaz/Angel Rivera – guns aren’t the problem, the people holding and shooting the guns are and they both sound crazy it’s this gun talk going on.

    Sir Peter – sounds like he’s working with Rhyheim Shabazz. Not a bad move just give it your all if that’s the case. Peter’s films are hit & miss so i hope whatever he’s doing is gonna be a hit. We will see

    Colby Jansen – i used to be a fan but something changed. Once he started fucking everything under the sun, his sexy meter went down considerably, so i won’t be purchasing those cards, that’s for sure.

    Dane Jaxson – ewww to the “rose” lol

    Derek Kage – what an asshole, something he would be fucking ONLY if he was truly about that GAY life. Creep

    Baxxx – ouch

  4. Poor Quinn Quire that’s the dark side of the gay porn industry. Getting fucked for hours constantly in porn shoots can cause damage to the anus. Anal fissures are unpleasant he probably should see a doctor about that.

  5. Let’s hope Quinn Quire recovers. Porn should not be all the time penetration. I know it’s controversial that point LOL

  6. There are some of these guys who are getting fisted to the EXTREME, but maybe this is Quin’s body’s way of telling him to stop. He maybe needs to focus less on when he can film again and more about how he’s going to be living day-to-day in five years :-/

  7. Derek, you’re not gay because you’re fucking a fake vagina silly, you’re not gay because you’re dating a woman with whom you have sex.

    1. Now everyone in the GAYcomunnity knows it, all the GAYfans in GAYporn know it. Only Derek continues to try to provoke the gays, which he has been doing this for over a year! Everyone knows that he was never gay, that he definitely fucked women in the past and that at some point later he got to a point where he realized that he could also fuck men and make good money with it. And since he wants to earn even more money, he will soon develop into another boring “bi crossover actor” who does “everything” and continues to believe in himself that he is gay, while everyone else knows that he is not!

  8. Well… Elliot Finn has some experience with anal fissures so Quin can ask him for advice.

    But Quin was fucked off camera by Chandler which was like 9.5 easily and nothing happened so either his hole had enough from years of stretching it off and on camera or something sharp.

  9. Derek, you’re not gay because you’re sexually attracted to women by your own admission, you fucking idiot.

  10. Anal Fissures are not to be laughed at. I am a total top and developed one a few years back ended up having a fistulectomy. Was one of the most painful things in my life, and the embarrassment I went through for the recovery is another story. I was lucky I had an excellent surgeon, if not treated correctly can develop into something worse.

    Anal Fissures can be caused as you get older a lot of it has to do with diet, hard stools etc.

    They are not just about anal fucking, and are extremely painful.

    Quinn I wish a speedy recovery but have to be honest one of the longest healing things to do.

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