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7 thoughts on “New look: Gino Zanetti and Quin Quire

  1. Quin is a dream! Other than stating he is a self proclaimed top he sure gives in to bottoming a lot. Otherwise he is as perfect as perfect gets

  2. Quin Quire naturally looks more masculine and older because of his beard. But it suits him. He’s sexy anyway so this doesn’t disfigure him.
    I liked Gino better with his longer curly hair. Now he looks like Ty Roderick’s little brother in the picture. But it’s a matter of taste.

  3. I think Gino looks good, but I don’t know if that’s as good a haircut on him. I don’t know, maybe I can be convinced with better angles, maybe with a full beard.

    Quin looks amazing with that look… but I don’t know how much he tried to look amazing, and that much is probably just my fetish talking.

  4. I don’t love the haircut on Gino either but he has a great face. Glad to see him back. Quin continues to be gorgeous as always.

  5. Quin looks exceptional with his beautiful body hair & beard! Really fits his great physique and current stage of his career. Hotter than ever!

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