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28 thoughts on “Round-up: Ares Reiv aka Philip Price, Ramon, and Mateo Tomas

      1. Your sorry ass would come up here and have something stupid to say again 🙄🙄🙄

        Go look at what he wrote on his own Twitter page and look back at what he’s done. Sounding all pro-gay like you’d never have sex anyone but a man and then he does THAT. But the simpleton that you are will find something contrary to say over this since you love supporting trash on a regular basis.

            1. Agreed, if you identify as gay…which no one is forcing someone to do, but if they say that they are gay and do anything with a woman, then it’s tantamount to “you just haven’t found the right woman yet”.

              People literally died for the freedom to identify as gay…period and it shouldn’t be used as lightly as is today with inclusivity.

            2. Your position is close-minded and extreme. There are many reasons why a gay man has sex with women, including money or adventure. And his choice is no particular bussiness to you!

              1. I think “disgrace” is a super strong term to use. I wouldn’t call it a disgrace because there’s nothing technically wrong with a man having sex with a woman. You’re basically treating heterosexuality/heterosexuals as an opponent or an enemy that way when you use those terms. That’s extreme.

                But it also isn’t gay behavior. And that’s where my disconnect is. It isn’t. You can’t call it gay behavior just because a man is also involved. You’re still engaging in sexual behavior with a woman. There are straight-curious gay men, but that is still an affection for women that isn’t gay, by definition. I’m not saying their straight or even bisexual but it isn’t gay.

                That’s where people have a problem. Things like this are being called gay and it isn’t. It’s being forced into gay porn scenes, when most viewers don’t wanna see it. That’s the big problem. Particularly with MEN. They’re the worst culprit. At least Corbin Fisher separates their bi/straight porn from the gay porn….MEN doesn’t. Heteronormative tropes weekly. Outright heterosexual behavior monthly. Not just on Why Not Bi but in supposedly gay films. And they use the gay site to promote and amplify Why Not Bi.

                I think Tomas did this for the cash, but that’s really not acceptable either because he’s anointing himself as a gay sex advocate but then having straight sex for cash and the entire backstory of the film is he wanting to hook up with the straight guy. I’m doing this to get fucked by the straight guy. It’s insanely regressive. It’s a massive devaluation of gay men and for Tomas to play into that while taking up a quasi activist role is wrong. You’re willing to sell your soul for cash?

          1. When you state how gay you are & then have sex with someone other than a man, then yes it’s disgrace.

            Since we’re asking questions, with a name like Camille, are you a woman or trans?

  1. Nothing speaks more about the fun of being gay than working for a company that ‘encourages’ you to partake in scenes with trans and cis women while the straight guys who work in the straight site in the same conglomerate remain free of encouragement to do anything queer.

  2. I’m not surprised at all by Mateo Thomas’s shenanigans.

    Many performers in this industry cling to gay self-identification in order to cash-in into parasocial relationships on social media.

    It’s kind of horrifying, but that’s how this works.

    1. What I see is someone that earns his money by marketizing in different places. Gay for pay exists as Straight for pay exists as well. I don’t think it’s a disgrace someone plays in different positions for money.

      1. From a pure individualist, personal perspective you do have a point. It’s easier to fit into the current porn industry if one is willing to fuck anything, with little reservation.

        The problem is… no one is forcing these guys to self-id as gay, literally no one. If they want to fuck anything that moves in order to maximize their returns, not committing into a certain “sexuality box” is an option.

        But it’s like what I said before, their main aim is to cash-in into parasocial relationships with their followers, nothing more. If doing so requires them to use gay identification as some kind of disposable “label”, they’ll do it.

        1. “The problem is… no one is forcing these guys to self-id as gay, literally no one” you are correct in this statement. However, when they remain silent on the issue, they are labeled as gay anyway. Even if they later go on record saying they are not gay, no one believes them anyway and get pretty nasty in the comments about it.

          This is a little off topic, but what do you say to the people that insists that the performer is gay, even though they say they are straight. Some of them get down right nasty, start name-calling and hurling other insults towards them and or anyone else who doesn’t totally agree with their point of view?

  3. Ares Reiv: Variety is the best position and spice in sex.
    Ramon (BCH): Kissing a man on the mouth as if you were kissing your father as a greeting is far from being a real kiss.
    MateoThomas: I’ve already said everything about that. He’s already on my personal blacklist anyway. So like MEN/MG too. If he thinks being gay is fun, then he’s a perfect fit for this queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid studio with a homophobic twist and the same ideology and attitude. And the commentators here and out there, subscribers to this studio and fans of this crap, who trivialize it or label it as “work”, are no better than these “clowns”.

  4. Why are these ‘straight’ and ‘gay’ men who have sex with both males and females so scared to just call themselves bi? I don’t understand why they insist on using terms that do not correspond with their actions.

    1. I have the following theory. I think with MEN/MG it’s because there wouldn’t be any interest in their studio if they only produced “pure” gay scenes with actors who identified as GAY. Maybe they would be successful among gays and maybe they really would be the “best gay adult studio on the net” but in that actually way they have more reach with the whole “queer ideology agenda” out there. For MEN it’s not about success, it’s just about staying out of the conversation. Negative press is also press. Because I personally don’t think MEN are successful, they just have a lot of money, but that comes from their huge straight porn empire. The same goes for all performers who identify as gay, but seem to have no conscience or problem with betraying gays and humiliating them and then sticking their cock in a pussy for money and making it look like S4P/conversion therapy. These actors have ALL never been gay and are just lying to consumers. They just want to stay in conversation, but not honestly about their sexuality, but just because otherwise no one would be interested in them anymore. It would be far too easy to be honest and say from the start that you are bi or straight or just gay. These people always get caught up in lies and excuses.

    2. They want to cash-in on parasocial relationships.

      It’s way easier to extract money from other people if you present yourself as relatable to them. Also, if there’s one thing we all can agree with, is that there’s a massive amount of gullible people on the internet willing to open their wallets for random nobodies who don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

  5. Beefcake Hunter is horrendous in all ways. Some hot guys but the owner is a complete creep.

    I’m not a fan of Mateo Tomas basically anointing himself as a gay sex advocate and then allowing a woman to bounce and suck his dick, and the entire premise is basically the gay man willing to do anything to have sex with the straight jock. From the sex itself to the theme and premise of the performance just screams heteronormativity and from a guy who portrays himself as a gay sex advocate, it’s not acceptable.

    But this is yet another reminder and it seems especially so of the Canadians. They’re the biggest American (North/South American) culprits. They’ll do it all for money. The straight guys and the gay guys both. They’re absolutely driven by cash and it makes sense because most of them are strippers and go go boys….that’s not a diss to those industries but more a reflection that that’s how these Montreal dudes are wired….they’re after cash. Obviously all performers are but some have lines they’re not willing to cross for cash. Mateo Tomas obviously isn’t one of them. I’m not OK with that. He shouldn’t be OK with it either if he believes what he says about gay sex.

  6. This issue of scenes gay models choose to do is always confusing to me. Is porn fake or is it not? I thought we always said it was fake?

    I mean just because you are paired up with someone your mom says is hot, doesn’t mean you are attracted to them right? Now if she also payed you to have sex with the guy, that wouldn’t change how attracted you are to them right?

    We started getting mad at G4P models for doing gay porn and having a separate life (I guess?), now we are mad at gay models for essentially doing the same (doing porn, and having a separate life). I guess if you think gay rights are clinging to life based on the porn we consume, I get it it… kind of (I mean, imagine Biden coming back saying “Turns out you can be Gay for Pay so I’m taking back gay marriage”), but it mostly feels parasocial in a way where it seems unhealthy.

    I mean, there is a problem in hetero sex industry where it’s like the guy feels like he should have complete control over these girls’ lives because he’s paying for sex or paying to see them do something sexual, and it kind of seems like it exists in the gay community too. (I think you could argue the aspect of just general misogyny because it all feels kind of rooted in the idea that you have of the man being the breadwinner, and the wife is to stay at home and obey her man and tend to his needs in return)

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