9 thoughts on “Sean Cody vs. Men: Michael Vente as the bottom

  1. The SC was far superior in all respects–Michael ate Axel vivdly whereas in MEN it was a dribble ending. He is poised to be a major star.

  2. Same bullshit themes as always with the MEN vids. Pathetic and it’s also as always theatrical. But as McM said….SC is MEN. This is just a reflection of what studio porn is in 2024.

  3. My only problem with Mike Vente is his constant mugging for the camera. Another model who has to have the “frozen face of surprise” when being fucked. Its gotten out of hand.
    Eye contact is great, but always looking like UH OH, SOMEONE IS WATCHING US or UH OH IS THAT A COCK IN MY ASS? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?
    Just kills a scene for me….

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