15 thoughts on “Fan site vs. studio: Cade Maddox and Dillon Roman

  1. Dillon Roman does nothing for me; I’ve never seen him with anything other than a flaccid dick. Actually, most of the time you don’t even see that because he’s wearing a jock.

    1. God he sounds horrible. Anyone getting fucked in a jock is automatically boring so reading this doesn’t make me want to see how bad he is.

        1. Is the cock out of the jock? I can work with that but if it’s covered up, then what’s the point? Might as well be fucking a woman

  2. Cade Maddox’s private website runs much better and is filmed much better than what he is now shooting for this “Queer” studio from MG! Why is he doing this to himself?
    It’s not because of the money that he downgrades himself from first class to second class porn. Nothing is sacred to MG/MEN, they just “buy” well-known good names and then ruin the image of such “supposed” gay actors with pussy/queer scenes from the “best queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid adult site on the Net”.

  3. Cade Maddox is trash. I think he’s so overrated it’s not even funny. The sex is garbage so it does matter what site he’s on. If he went away later today, I’d be excited.

  4. Cade’s Only Fans is better than his studio stuff for one very clear reason: When she shoots his own scenes, he usually cums deep inside his bottoms. But when he shoots for a studio, they make him pull out before he shoots. Lame.

  5. Lol….Cade looking like a sweaty cracked out mess in both videos. The red nose and flushed cheeks are a pure giveaway that he’s been snorting something

  6. He actually looks much better in his more recent scenes because he looks healthy. When his face is red and puffy and his stare looks empty, it’s pretty obvious he’s been abusing himself a bit too hard.

  7. I hate seeing a man get fucked in a jock. I want to see the dick. I want to see the man cock hard while getting fucked. Dillon is good looking but he is boring as a bottom. Michael Boston bottoms but he has more enthusiasm to it. Roman Todd bottoms his cock hard when he gets fucked.

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