December 2023: Alex Palmieri of Naked Sword

Alex Palmieri of Naked Sword won over Leandro Bravo, Charlie Musk, and Mack Mahoney as your favorite model for December.

Alex now has three scenes released at Naked Sword as the bottom for Giuspel, Alex Horney, and Alex Ink.

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Charlie Musk, Alex Palmieri, Mack Mahoney, or Leandro Bravo?
681 votes
Ends on 01/31/2024

2 thoughts on “December 2023: Alex Palmieri of Naked Sword

  1. I don’t take part in such votes of “solo” men who are introduced to “gay porn” because most of them just jerk off or have rather bad G4P porn performances, but in this election every one of them should have won because they all shoot gay porn and looks very good. And I emphasize now that this is not due to the appearance of any actor, I never say that an actor looks disgusting or whatever, I only evaluate the performance of actors, every man is beautiful in his own way, the main thing is that he is serious and does not lie or cheat gays or the gay community.

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