8 thoughts on “Spotted on TV: Topher DiMaggio (tip @ Miss Piggy)

  1. Just another reminder of just how niche gay porn really is….with his allegations I doubt he’d be casted if they were any kind of public knowledge.

    It’s actually pretty astounding (not in bad way, mind you, just surprised) for me that he actually has been basically cancelled in gay porn. Not that many have and some guys who’ve been accused of similar are still (often regrettably) working but his career pretty much stopped in its tracks. But he wasn’t much of a performer and that probably has some to do with it.

      1. It wasn’t just Tegan; do agree he isn’t necessarily the best source although don’t wanna call him a liar…it was multiple guys. He hasn’t been charged with a crime though.

        Wasn’t making a point really about his innocent/guilt more so than the fact that he’s been alleged of sexual assault by multiple men and he faced actual consequences for that whereas most who have been, have not. The “why” behind that is something that you can’t really pinpoint but it’s definitely glaring.

  2. Good for him. If he did what is believed he did, hope he’s learned and grown from it. Also hope his alleged victims have found peace.

  3. Topher DiMaggio should be ostracized forever. A person rife with accusations of sexual abuse should be avoided by everyone. Good thing this site has a good memory and plays with the truth, showing the several accusations. With so many people complaining, this horrible person seems to be a diabolical sexual predator.

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