X: Aspen “LIES LIES LIES!!! She lied to another judge… stalked in every state I live in, been to court in 5 counties in 5 years because she alleges everything unthinkable… borderline canceled because why not believe a woman first, doesn’t show to court.”

Sunny Colucci (Aingeru) “Then they wonder why people is racist … This kind of videos showing this people acting like monkeys and savages describes alone themselves.“[tip @ Rei Hino]



Roman CapelliniHello everyone as you know I am Roman Capellini and I am quitting my porn career.” [tip @ Nekszus]


  1. Matt

    Got to agree with Roman Todd. Time for Str8Up to be shutdown!

    • R47

      Roman is right. When Str8up first started I sent him an article about a CF model talking about his career. No bad things were said and no real names. Str8up blocked me for no reason.

    • Cassidy

      uhh, that’s a fan page/stalker of Roman Todd, not Roman Todd, and you can see in their other tweets that they wanted str8up to write a post about a certain model being addicted to drugs. they’re mad str8up didn’t do the article, so now the stalker wants str8up “shut down.” these people are fuckin crazy lol

    • Chris Duran

      That account isn’t Roman Todd. It’s a fan site.

    • Srw

      So many people talk about being blocked by that guy; different opinions are apparently not tolerated! But the real issue with him is that, apart from the tweets linking to his site, he spews hateful vitriol in almost every single comment he makes. It’s always “go fck yourself you pedphile”, “you disgusting rat”, “you fucking turd”, etc, etc.

      That he’s that angry and bitter all the time suggests that he’s deeply dissatisfied with how his life has gone. I would feel sorry for him if he weren’t taking it out on everybody he comes across.

      • EdWoody

        I just got banned for calling him out for calling other gay men the F word. He loves to criticise others but really can’t handle it himself.

        • gnormie

          He’s a closet pedophile IMO.

        • Bsg67

          The Madonna late concert post? Found that bizzare

      • Ian

        He definitely is sour about not being able to break out beyond writing about the adult industry post-The Sword. So he runs his little fiefdom the way he likes it, and includes his catty remarks about whatever else is in the news at the same time as Johnny Rapid taking his 300th dick. It’s eye rolling, but what’s worse is that he is the very definition of toxic. Nothing wrong with some funny snark, but too often he’s also demeaning and vicious to the subjects of his articles and to his readers. He doesn’t deserve the ad revenue or site traffic.

  2. Francis

    The wild thing about Sonny’s tweet and apparent racism is the fact he has liked plenty of photos of Black women on his twitter. But that cognitive dissonance never really surprises. Nor is a gay for payer being a complete skeezeball a shock either.

    Heart goes out to Nate Grimes; always been kind of a hint of sadness in him to me. The extreme sexual behavior with the wrecked hole to me isn’t necessarily reflective of a healthy individual and I feel like he’s kinda sold himself short as a performer because he could’ve been a real star. Glad he’s taking time to himself and prioritizing self-care.

    Roman is quitting porn but still in the sex industry. Nothing compares to sex on camera but ultimately it’s all within the same field with the same expectations and body standards. I’m glad he’s feeling happier and less insecure though and hope that lasts.

    Josh whines a lot about gay for payers and gay baiting but you can’t take that line and perform with them as much as he has. In general he likes to anoint himself as a ethical standard bearer but doesn’t live up to those standards himself, pretty often. Hopefully he has seen the light though. $$$ isn’t worth loss of integrity.

    “Achieving a world class physique” is the first thing that comes to Jacob Diaz’ mind when it comes to value in a man. Talk about being a complete loser.

    Alpha Wolfe’s retirement lasted….6 weeks? I don’t really have a particular issue with him though. Just nothing surprising about this comeback from him. Let’s see if he keeps doing gay work or not.

    Hope to see more Braxton bottoming. Gorgeous.

    Aspen’s story definitely has a lot of different twists and turns but it also isn’t the first time he’s been accused of wretched behavior. Definitely something to keep tabs on.

    Str8Up is definitely pretty negative and snarky and it’s not really a news page like this is, it’s a personal public blog that moonlights/cosplays as a news page. Not professional although Zach takes himself seriously like one. Not a big fan.

    The less said about the trainwreck that Tegan has become the better. Very sad case.

    RIP Alex Riley. He will always be missed.

    And lastly….let’s see how many performers continue to engage with Cory and Jared. They all know who they are at this point so there’s no more excuses to be had here. I’m glad to see many people bailing from subscriptions/following them and hope plenty more continue. There has to be a line drawn in the sand eventually. Cory is defiant because he’s never faced any accountability. Let’s change that.

    • Bridgewater

      Jacob diaz is right beating your meat all fucking day is the most loser shit ever . Part of being a man is being strong smart and analytical most porn watchers are fat places of garbage who drink and eat shot among other things

      • Srw

        I bet they can type properly though.

        • Bridgewater

          So when you watch porn you fund the filthy jews they own alot of porn companies so keep watching porn and supporting genocide indirectly
          Jews are nasty sons of a bitch

      • Bsg67

        Yet here you are on a gay porn blog and you don’t see the laughable hypocrisy of your comment, priceless

        • Bridgewater

          I have passed follow up info along. I have viewed his profile and viewed evidence of what he is saying. We can dislike the truth, but the truth is still the truth. You can choose to embrace it or continue in ignorance but in my humble opinion I don’t believe he’s bitter after all he has more money now then his porn days and he has a better physique and in terms of model physique he’s as at the top of his game . So maybe he is just trying to help people become stronger and mentally resilient,

  3. Bruiser

    Wasn’t Aspen charged with child abuse/molestation by his ex.? He’s still walking around so assume charge was bogus? Think crazy Brodie Sinclair had the same type of charges but he was jailed.

    • C.A.

      Brodie was raping a 13 yr old girl he met online. That is not the same as Aspen.

      • gnormie

        Aspen was accused of molesting his underage step daughter (who is his own daughter’s half sister)…the step daughter’s real father was already in jail for molesting her.

        • Reg

          Christ…these kids aren’t even giving a chance in life. I dread to think what Collin Simpson’s kids are going to turn out like.

    • RobM

      There was a story on St8up which showed court documents for indecent dealings with his stepdaughter of the time. Many years ago now. Zack followed the case but as far as i know it never came to trial. Aspen claimed it was his ex weaponizing the child against him and that he had evidence to prove it. I have no idea of the truth of any of it but it has been well over 5 years since that first report so perhaps his defense was valid or maybe he has just stayed away from that state. He was also facing a case of aggravated assault in a drunken indecent that had nothing to do with his family. That never seems to have been prosecuted either but there were news reports linked to the site. Still this seems to be around the time he stopped studio work which was a push made by Zack. Based on what i know of his story it seems pretty unlikely he wouldn’t pay child support as his daughter seems to be the only reason he has had to keep on living after all the tragedy and death in his life. This is just what i have gleaned from his socials over the years and the reporting by Zack who everyone here seems to have decided is a scoundrel. I find it fascinating how many other sites use Zack’s exclusives without attribution whilst simultaneously saying he is not reporting news. I find his site much more news like than other sites like this one which are clearly and unashamedly gossip and promotion and there’s nothing wrong with that either. I think there’s room for both. I recognize that Zack pushes grudges and plays favorites but i really don’t think he does it any more than most other sites. There’s mt 2 cents for what it’s worth.

      • Ian

        He does report news, he’s just such a horrible person it’s hard to stomach it. Wish it incited more people to do what he does but without the attitude, because some of what he has unearthed is fascinating, you’re right.

  4. Jktooo

    Str8up r a bunch of fkn morons! Theyre the type of hc leftards who preach tolerance while being the most intolerant ayyyholes

  5. JD

    Hey Braxton- don’t be worried about being topped by Beau Butler. He can’t even spell TOP never mind be one. And with that micropenis of his, you won’t feel a thing.
    Alpha Wolf- didn’t you retire from porn? Said you were done with it?
    Nate Grimes is depressed. Couldn’t have anything to do with his rectum now being perforated and having to use a colostomy bag?

  6. logogay

    Str8UPGayPorn is a general “gossip blog” that pretends to post mostly “Gayporn” news, and the terribly homophobic owner “Zachary” also acts as if he sides with the gayporn community and is gay himself! He repeatedly writes insulting, homophobic articles about gayporn with the bi scenes or straight scenes from WNB and CF that are published and laughs at the gays who are upset about this type of “porn” in gayporn and criticize this behavior. He even insults his own bloggers who are upset about “pussy sex” articles on his blog, blocks EVERYONE who tells the truth about him and his blog and, above all, is the biggest supporter and defender of queer/bi/straight/pan /fluid porn in gay porn! He constantly supports mainly studios like MG or CF (and previously also “Fake”Hoopla), constantly makes advertising and positive vibes just for them and then laughs homophobically with terrible articles about pussy sex in gayporn and asks bloggers not to act like that to behave and be allergic to his pussy items! Plus he already worked for MEN/MG and wrote a terribly bad script and now he thinks he’s the biggest guy in the porn blog. I’m glad that there is at least freedom of expression here on this blog (even if I find some people’s comments here bordering on inhumane), but Denz is doing a fantastic job and I wanted to thank you again. Thanks Denz.

    • pornlover

      Please see a psychiatrist. Seriously. You need help.

  7. Bsg67

    So Zach is not gay? His blog has always reminded me of Perez Hilton

    Aspen so has he actually committed or been found guilty of child…. stuff? seriously don’t want to say it, I’ve seen he’s been caught a few times for drug related stuff and general doucbagery.

    As for the racist guy never beard or seen him till this post so it’ll be easy to avoid

    • Francis

      Zach is definitely gay, and I agree his site is more Perez Hilton news than a true professional news site, although he sees it as more the latter than the former.

      Perez broke news and had exclusives too but that doesn’t mean he was the Variety or the Hollywood Reporter. Zach is in that vein.

    • logogay

      That’s even worse. People like Zachary or Perez (or some here on this blog) think they are the biggest gays on the planet, but are totally homophobic inside and promote the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda in gayporn. Just like many actors who say they are gay, but then fuck and lick pussies. As I said before: in the community and especially in gay porn there is the greatest internalized homophobia and hypocrisy of all!

  8. Sean

    Nate Grimes is a sexy guy, however, he seems to struggle with MH often. Hope he gets the help he needs.

    Str8Up is an interesting site. However, if you disagree with anything they post you get blocked. Foolish!

    • RobM

      I have written contrary comments and not been blocked. I think it is about the way it is said rather than what is said.

  9. NovaStar

    Interesting week that’s for sure

    Between Sunny & BigC, it’s another reminder of how and why racism should never be accepted and tolerated especially in gay circles. Period.

    A couple of people spoke about how hard it is to deal with OF in one way shape & form. I don’t envy those guys who do porn on that platform. It sounds like a major hassle that isn’t worth it. Some of them need to stop anyway, because their content is crappy to begin with but that’s another topic.

    Archie Page – I wish him the best in beating his addiction to cigarettes.

    Braxton Cruz – It was great seeing him bottom for Rhyheim, I just hope that whoever is next is as attentive to his body as Rhyheim was. I don’t know is Beau is the right one to be next but as long Braxton’s dick isn’t ignored, then all will be right in the world.

    Alpha Wolfe – I thought he was done with porn? Well so much for that

    Josh Moore – I’ve liked some of his films but something about him annoys me. He comes off as an attention seeker. I could be wrong but something is off for me with him.

    Nate Grimes – I hope he get the help that he needs to overcome his depression.

    Aspen – he better be glad he’s not in a jail cell after all the allegations against him the last few years.

  10. NovaStar

    Roman Todd Fan Page – they’re absolutely right about Str8UpGayPorn. That site is pure unadulterated garbage and it’s because of that lowlife bitch named Zach. He’s such an asshole when it comes to how he treats the members if they don’t agree with him or if he deems something bothersome. He doesn’t defend or watch out for his members, his head is all up in the ass of the porn companies & models who pay him. His loyalty is clearly with them, not the members who make the site what it is & that’s bullshit. And he keeps on posting anti-Biden stuff when you got someone like Donald Trump running who wants to take our rights away as gay people if he wins. He’s actively trying to help sabotage the gay vote and ultimately us.

    Just the lack of respect he has with members, from continually posting stuff that the majority of members have asked him not to post, how arrogant & condescending he is when someone doesn’t side with him and how nasty most of the time is sickening. I hate how he talks down to people on there. He’s never positive at all. I hope the site is destroyed very very soon because it helps set gay porn back & not help it move forward. It’s time for it to go.

    • RobM

      Be fascinated to see a link to the anti Biden stuff. I must have missed it.

      • NovaStar

        He’s made post talking down about him & his stuff regarding Israel & Hamas. It’s a big mess

  11. Alex

    I deeply dislike modern gay porn performers, virtually all of them, holy shit all of you are annoying as fuck and are pushovers

  12. Hank

    Hopefully Nate gets all the help he needs for his mental health. The continued “extreme” fisting porn probably isn’t good for him jmo.

    I thought Alpha Wolfe was retiring from porn.

    • JR

      I thought Alpha was done too. I guess his plan B of falling back on his educational qualifications failed him. Beating and choking his girlfriend probably didn’t help either.

  13. Nick

    ASPEN: I don’t believe anything he says.
    HOSS KADO: Good boy. Polite. I wish him good luck!
    NATE GRIMES: He should seek psychological and psychiatric treatment to regain his mental health. I sincerely believe that definitely moving away from extreme practices like Fisting would help him a lot. I do not judge sex workers, however, in all professions, it is a fact that when a person is subjected to extreme situations, the mental health is affected. He’s a handsome boy. He doesn´t need that.

    • JR

      Imagine if you are Nate Grimes and at 33 being told you have lost all control of your sphincter from extreme fisting and now have to use a colostomy bag. I would be depressed too.

  14. Tony

    Man, why couldn’t Sonny have just not opened his mouth? I’ve been subbing to his OnlyFans for a few months now and loved the content, but I can’t ignore that racist bile he spewed.

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