16 thoughts on “Then and now: Sunny Colucci (tip @ Bubblr)

  1. I don’t know why or how he got into porn. His family raises horses in Spain. Champion horses. Yes, he is G4P. Oh, well.

    1. I’m so glad that he shot as many bottom scenes as he could. Those films are so beautiful, I like him being a bottom.

  2. hot dude. theres a lot of butt hurt karens that post here who dont have boyfriends. I hope these guys avoid reading comments from mean queens. I’d like to see more videos of him

      1. Dude, grow up. Just because we are okay with him having sex with whomever he wants doesn’t mean we are a “gay hater”

        You are mentally ill.

  3. “Omg! He isn’t a Gold Star Gay!! sobs I’m so angry!!! clenches fists Why can’t every porn actor be JUST LIKE ME???”

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