9 thoughts on “With and without a condom: Drake Von

  1. He also fake fucked Aria Valencia w a condom, the scene shows aria and drake fucking under the bed covers and he apparently came in the condom while joey mills is hiding under the bed, after drake “cums” he pulls off condom thows next to bed and joey proceeds to squirt the cum from the condom in his mouth, she leaves then drake finds him and proceeds to fuck joey bareback.,

  2. Who cares whether he fucks with or without a condom? He’s not even close to bi. He’s G4P. He always said that. He also can’t get a hard-on without artificial means and has already done fake shoots. Who even cares about something like him?
    MEN can keep him. I don’t pay that “Queer Crap” anyway.

    1. Actually he is bi, the only “g4p” mention is from that Military Classified self-loathing queen that try to “straighten” his every model is he is 100% gay.
      G4P also doesnt really exist. There is no scientific evidence that these guys are actually heterosexual and scientific consensus consider g4p as a marketing fable rather than as an actual phenomena.

      1. You don’t need scientific evidence. The facts are refuted by guys like himself. He’s flaccid than flaccid, only aroused when he takes meds and has done fake cum shoots. Like most G4P guys. These are pornographic evidence, not scientific ones!

        1. He had a boyfriend. And I’m not talking about his brother who dated Max Carter. Drake had a boyfriend. They post all the time on Instagram. That does not seem G4P to me. Also before they did mainstream porn. They did onlyfans with a twink. Most G4P don’t really collab with males on their personal OF.

    1. Just because actors like him or other G4Ps keep getting hired doesn’t mean they’re popular. There are hardly anyone else who would do this job. And studios like MEN or other queer studios don’t give a shit anyway of Gays. They produce in mass quantities not in quality. LOL

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