Size difference: Ashton Montana, Viggo Sorensen, Angel Elias, Canyon Cole, William Seed, and Troye Dean

The taller Ashton Montana, now retired, had a scene with Viggo Sorensen at Fresh Men.

According to Fresh Men, Ashton is 6’3″ tall.

Viggo (as Ondra Taryk) is 5’8″ tall, according to William Higgins.

The taller Angel Elias had a scene with Canyon Cole at Cocky Boys.

According to The Bro Network, Angel is 6’3″ tall.

Canyon (as Micah) is 5’6″ tall, according to Corbin Fisher.

The bigger William Seed had a scene with Troye Dean at Men.

William was first measured by Men at 195 lbs.


  1. Reg

    Weight game is nothing to apologize for. I did think it was ridiculous when Ryan Bones gained so much weight and he still kept appearing in scenes, but he kept his clothes on and basically only unzipped. If he’d become plus-sized, then fine, but if they weren’t willing to accept that and have him naked, then don’t hire him.

    With William though, this isn’t natural weight gain. Everyone’s right, because this is roids and I don’t know what else wrecking his body. It’s not just his body, but his face and I’m not sure you can ever come back from the damage he’s doing to himself, with whatever he’s using :-/

    • logogay

      These actors ruin themselves physically and mentally because they do things they don’t want to.
      Later we only read that they suddenly died of organ failure.
      This is really sad. These “G4P/Crossover/Bi” actors should only do things that make them happy.

    • Deepgloat

      OMG. I’ve only ever known William Seed after he went Cro-Magnon. He was a certified hunk in that last photo! William. Bubula. For God’s sake, stop whatever it is you’re doing.

    • Camille

      Ryan Bones ❤️❤️❤️ I still like him such a macho gorgeous guy. I can marry him.

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