Top to bottom: Alex Ink at Raging Stallion

He has done it for his fan site. Now, you’ll get to watch Alex Ink bottom in gay porn via his flip fuck scene with Cole Connor in the last scene of the movie Cum Your Senses from Raging Stallion.

Alex was also in scene four of Cum Your Senses, a threesome with Alpha Wolfe and Cole Connor.

If I am not mistaken, his scene as the bottom will be released by Raging Stallion on the second Friday of October.

24 thoughts on “Top to bottom: Alex Ink at Raging Stallion

  1. Lost interest in Cole Connor when he and his boyfriend started putting gay men down for not being into pussy. His boyfriend literally called gay men ‘afraid of pussy’ rather than admitting it’s normal for a gay men to be put off by the idea of having sex with things they aren’t attracted to. Are straight women ‘afraid of pussy’ too? Homophobic garbage.

    I also caught Cole Connor liking a post from a ‘gay2straight’ twitter account.

    He’s a snake.

      1. Nope, you weirdos obsessed with this shit are poison in this community.

        I’m sure most of you are fat old men without any chance of getting ass without logging into rentmen. Sad pathetic losers.

          1. Ich denke, wenn er wüsste, wie heiß wir wirklich aussehen und nicht so alt sind, dann würde er uns sofort ficken wollen.
            Aber er spricht immer auf seine eigene Art. Ich denke, er ist so alt oder wie er es uns beschrieben hat. Er ist nicht einmal schwul, aber er sagt es. LOL

          1. And probably so many toxic queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid guys like you and your straight friends are so obsessed with besieging or interfering with every gay comment. You are exactly like that.

      1. Most of the commenters here do. They act like they are being literally assaulted and forced to watch porn they don’t like.

        Just close the page and go find something else to jerk off to! What is the problem?

          1. I think that gay men who are proud of their sexuality have more fulfilling and exciting life than you (not Gay) and your queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid friends here on this blog. Amen to this.

      2. Poor Alex….bottoming with Cole Con-man. Amazing with all his “injuries and recovery time” that didn’t stop him filming, working as a trainer and prancing around the clubs in LA. Oh and grifting money.

    1. I feel you completely. Unlike those who just want you to shut up and beat off, I can’t sit there and allow myself to be sexually stimulated by watching some guy who talks derogatory about my sexuality. On top of that watching him engage in gay sex while he’s telling me I’m small minded and ignorant for not engaging in anything else… c’mon now. I don’t give a fuck how horny I am, that shit is ridiculous.

      Just like some of those who replied and criticizes your take, you and anyone else has a right to take in the circumstances of what these guys say and do outside of porn when it comes to them appearing in the porn and your support and viewership.

      Besides that clown ass Cole Connor, Alex has a cute ass. Other than that, this scene is a no go.

      1. “I can’t sit there and allow myself to be sexually stimulated by watching some guy who talks derogatory about my sexuality.”

        But no one is forcing you to? Why are you acting like you need to watch Cole Connor? Why dwell on hating him instead of just finding a porn video/pornstar you DO like and concentrating on them?

      2. But that’s exactly what we do. We ignore these actors and studios and don’t pay for them. At least I don’t do that anymore. But we need to make our voice heard and say something about it because it’s not right to live in the gay community or call yourself that and then they throw shit at us gays or their fucking pussy. It’s been clear to me for a long time that someone like guys like @pornlover doesn’t understand this. These queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid guys just don’t understand the point or are deliberately ignoring it. But I’m happy that his blood pressure is high again. Not that he has to suffer another stroke.

        1. Dude you keep commenting on my blood pressure meanwhile you’re literally having a heart attack from complaining about fucking gay porn. Go touch grass 😂

          1. You started with the blood pressure and stroke. I’m just continuing where you pass your shit on to us gays, you WOMAN and VAGINA lover.

              1. Misogyny? Gay men who don’t want vagina hate women? Fuck off. Repackaged homophobia. The manipulative guilt tripping won’t work.

    2. I thought CC said that about the guys in porn, hired to have sex with women or trans and, instead saying just “no thanks”, goes to twitter complain about the situation…

    3. He was definitely more appealing when he spoke less. I used to think he was so sexy. But social media has provided a free platform to say anything, and it’s painfully obvious that Connor and most adult performers aren’t very bright. A little mystery is good for a career.

  2. I’ve checked out some Alex Ink films since this post came out and I like him a lot, he’s awesome. He seems to top in his films but what i love is that he’s an oral top. He’s quick to gobble up some dick and that’s what I love and what’s needed in these films. Head swapping galore. I’m looking forward to checking out both films coming out very soon. It’s nice to have someone come out that’s worth rooting for and being a fan of. Happy days are here again!

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