32 thoughts on “From Malik to Andrew, then Braxton: Trevor Brooks as the bottom

  1. Since Trevor switched to fish, I’ve developed a “I don’t want to see him anymore” allergy to him. I don’t care what he shoots. I’m not that interested in #crossover actors# anymore.

          1. This is their “apology” or dismissal as grung for something like this? Go away and spread your theories somewhere else

  2. Trevor lost me when he started the bi scenes.
    He also has the kind of face that we will be seeing in multiple mug shots in the future.

  3. These scenes just prove that he’ll get with anyone ‘ that’s not a good thing. All these scenes look like shit. Now hearing that he fucks with bitches makes him even more unappealing.

    What a massive downer Trevor Brooks has become.

    1. Calling women bitches in the entire porn business is really rude. I am also absolutely against it but I would never treat women badly. A woman is a woman. They also have beautiful bodies and charisma. But I don’t won`t a woman in gay porn. I am gay. Not bi, not queer, not pan, not fluid. Especially not straight!
      This really upset “pussy lover” @pornlover and caused his blood pressure to rise. Hopefully he didn’t have a stroke. LOL

      1. I have never been with a woman in my life, but I do know how to respect them.

        You think just because someone doesn’t say “EW A VAGINA EWWWWW” that means I love pussy?

        How about i’m a grown ass man that isn’t a misogynist.

      1. Absolutely. Especially for all the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid obsessed people here, this is an absolute hit to the core.

  4. Why would mendotcom advertise so much these bi scenes from WNB on its main page? Like… (???)
    Did they forget they’re a gay porn site??!! Tf

    And trevor brooks.. It’s like his performances nowadays have been degraded so much after his first bi scene released. Lol

    1. Everyone gets what he deserves. He and all the other ex-gays have disappeared into Neverland. OK, they’re still filming gay scenes, but no one cares anymore. They only stand out through “scandal scenes” with Pussy and Woman, so that they get attention. They are branded as ex-gays! That sticks forever, no one cares anymore how many men these guys had sex with. In the past there are many countless sad proofs of ex gay actors who simply disappeared into nothingness, of “insignificance”!

  5. Well I’m a different kind of character I guess. Unlike previous comments, I didn’t find appeal in him before when he presented himself to be “gay” or after his female frolicking/bisexuality confirming scenes. So for me, he’s been a no and for sure will continue to be a hell no.

  6. I thought Trevor was straight or G4P in the beginning. Then, after seeing how he attacked each scene with such high energy and what I thought was “lust” in all his early gay scenes I thought, ok, maybe he is gay.
    Well, now I see I was wrong…Oh well, good while it lasted.

  7. I knew there had to be a woman involved to get so many downvotes. On the face of it, he’s a good performer to me – handsome, voracious, great ass. The S4P thing and being in MEN scenes is a turn-off though, can’t deny that.

    1. It’s just about making gay porn ridiculous, offensive and Comey-like and garnishing it with women and G4P types. That’s the only thing you notice about these queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid guys who give negative votes about gays here on this blog.

  8. Y’all are loony. Being in porn means that we have sex with people for income. Money. It’s a side hustle for coin. You’re in (for fucking hours) then you’re out with a paycheck (Venmo actually). It’s a person to fuck or be fucked by. Not sensual though that can happen under certain circumstances. We laugh at your judgements.

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