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X: Jkab Ethan Dale “I am the first Asian identifying person to win a GayVN.”

30 thoughts on “X: Jkab Ethan Dale “I am the first Asian identifying person to win a GayVN.”

    1. They really r. Theyre the most racist and racialist ppl and everything they accuse others of they actually r doing and engaging in.

        1. Im not writing a thesis moron. Who the fk cares about spelling on blogs tweets posts etc other than reject leftists

          1. I would say people who can’t use punctuation and type “r” instead of “are” are some of the most braindead creatures to ever exist.

      1. Im not writing a thesis moron. Who the fk cares about spelling on blogs tweets posts etc other than reject leftists

      2. A conservative doesnt have to be any religion at all or religious. Conservatives whether religious or not understand that “rulers” of societies will steal freedoms of ppls even if some of the ppl r too stupid to realize it.

        1. Oh yeah…it’s the libtards trying to stop us from marrying and adopting. They’re stopping women from being able to get abortions too! I knew it all along!
          where tf were you educated?? And what are you doing on a gay porn site? Shouldn’t you be checking yourself into a conversion therapy clinic?

          1. Don’t worry, who needs a conversion therapy clinic in America today? Watch American gay porn 2024! Many studios (especially MG/MEN) are now adopting this therapy and filming bi-sexual scenes with women using (supposedly) gay actors. So you no longer need a clinic or therapy. MEN/MG and some self-lying/hypocritical “gay” porn actors are now taking this into the modern “queer” agenda Gayporn 2024! LOL

          2. I have zero issues being who i am. so stfu and in case you didnt know back in the 2000’s CALIFORNIA, YES THE PPL OF CALLY voted down gay marriage. And abortion is truly evil, puncturing a babies skull, sucking its brains out or going in an snipping the spine? this is true barbarity.

            1. Let me emphasize: THE VERY LIBERAL PPL OF CALLY voted down gay marriage. But you wouldnt know this cuz you leftists are so fkn stupid

        2. oooooo wow that’s like saying Asians do not have to all be racist or “racialist” they are just people who come from Asia. Yea we should definitely not lump everyone into one thing. Also we should take the leftist compliment in stride by considering the source. I mean if the simple post w/the phrase “Asian Identifying” angers an individual that much, i feel that person has a really sad life. I mean if you got a good life and good things going for you, would that simple phrase rile you up that much. I mean seriously chill the fk out, maybe put that anger to bettering your life rather than attacking others….just sayin’ it really can be all rainbows and unicorns folks, it’s up to you to get there either act as a divided nation or one nation and prove that democracy do really work

          1. as i reread the statement no one is angry with asian identifying. what we r pointing out is Leftists are the most racist and racialist people on earth as they have to racialize all issues or just be outright racists and/or jew haters.

            1. At the end of the day……y’all should just chill the f’ out, seriously try and f’ing get along, this divisiveness and put downs are just getting really old, and doesn’t get anyone anywhere. If you’re happy w/your life go enjoy and live it, and for you w/the pathetic sad life if it makes you happy to lash out at people rather than better yourself, go for it and see where that gets you

    2. It’s a reasonable and understandable thing to say. As a simple example from another community, someone might be gay but not gay-identifying. Someone of Asian heritage who could “pass” as white might not have an Asian identity, at least not publically.

      1. No it’s not lmao. “Identifying” implies a choice, this botox hoe makes it sound like he’s choosing to be asian whenever he likes and fits his narrative.

  1. AlphaWolf..

    For a self proclaimed “pansexual”, he sure sounds like C*nt with a capital “C” 🙄

  2. Didn’t Alpha Wolf promise us he was retiring to focus on his sobriety? Not sure 6months is enough time, if your issues are serious enough to quit your paycheck providing work.
    And considering he beat and choked his ex wife, probably wise that this new one carries a gun. Addict with anger issues. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Why is Alpha still being highlighted, didn’t he leave porn?
    Logan A…. social media might not be the best place to find legal help.
    Greyson… point taken, things will improve.

  4. So…is Alpha retiring on not? He made a BIG song and dance about quitting…but now not, because he’s planning to shame people he’s filming with? And I will never understand porn “stars” who feel the need to post about their personal lives on their porn persona Twitters. He made a career, which he may or not be continuing (because I’ve lost track) from taking dick and now he’s posting his girlfriend?

  5. $39.95 for a signed picture of Hunter Vance ?? WHAT ?
    Who in their right mind would pay ANYTHING for a signed picture of some 5th rate onlyfans hustler with shitty videos? WOW A sucker is born every second.

  6. I wonder why so many people worry about Alpha Wolfe whether he does gay porn or not? Who cares? He will do anything for money, he is not a sexually horny being but a sex worker who will do anything for money. He doesn’t care what he shoots, the main thing is that he earns money and has attention from all sides. It’s the lonely sad behavior of so-called “crossover actors”. They are branded and they know it. The only people to blame are those who think everything these actors “tell” them is true.

    Oh, and about Sharok and the “Dark Side of the Industry” Mystics! Wasn’t it you, you “hypocritical whore”, who also said that he wanted to and did fuck women and vaginas? Even though you claimed to have been expelled from your country because of alleged homosexuality and that’s why you went to America because you can finally live there freely, proudly and GAY! Yes, yes, what lies are punishable by everything. You’re no better than anyone else in the “Dark Side of the Industry”!
    Your downfall was long before your lies about your alleged homosexuality came out and people in the gay community banned you. So don’t talk about something that concerns you too, Mrs. Sharok!

  7. Why are do so many performers constantly fish for petty on social media. “Ooooh I’m in jail” “Ooooh I’m grieving” “Oooooh, my mental issues” “Ooooh, I’m going to take some me-time.” Sometimes it’s best to say nothing to the masses. Social media is not the place for any of this.

    “Asian identifying” Really? Were you once Scottish, and through a series of surgeries and hormones, finally feel free to throw back the curtain and claim that you’re Asian? Dude, you’re Asian. You don’t get to suggest that you’re something else. Congratulations on your win anyway.

    Alpha Wolfe – Get the fuck over yourself. As if your pictures aren’t heavily modified. Your professional images are modified to make you Thor-like. While un-retouched pictures, like the selfie with your blonde 9mm-toting cow, show that you are very ratty looking.

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