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Engaged: Scott Finn and Carter Woods

Just in reel life for Next Door Studios.

Scott Finn has just got engaged to Carter Woods. The problem? Scott’s best friend Ryder Owens thinks that Scott is moving too fast. Ryder decides that it’s up to him to stop his friend making a big mistake, but when Ryder meets Carter, he realizes the situation is more complicated than he expected.

The scene will be released next week.

In real life, Scott posted on X in July 2023 that he was getting married on November 11, 2023.

Scott hasn’t been active on X since then.

He has another upcoming scene in two weeks. This time for Disruptive Films.

15 thoughts on “Engaged: Scott Finn and Carter Woods

  1. This nextdoorfilms thing is so pointless and boring.. imo it does not add any variety to their catalogue.. wondering if people really watch or skip to sex part..

    1. Compared to NDS is decent. At least they’re trying. Wish Randy Blue would get back to storylines. They were always the best πŸ’™πŸ’«πŸ‘πŸΎ

    2. I don’t know whether it applies to this scene, which I’ve not watched, but my problem with nextdoor “films” is that you have to wait upwards of half an hour before the sex starts (these preludes are always too long for their content) and when it does it’s usually (there have been exceptions) mediocre, partly because too many of their models don’t perform well and/or because their directors aren’t good at directing sex; so it’s not worth skipping to anyway. Nextdoor’s best performers have mostly disappeared. As for Finn, he may be married to a woman, but he’s actually one of their better performers, though his best work is elsewhere (how many really straight men happily slurp down cum?).

  2. What topics would people prefer to see in gay porn? Maybe those from MEN/MG are even more absurd, unrealistic and make fun of the gay subculture? Or incest themes from studios like Say Uncle or Carnal Plus? Or topics with women/shemalesVaginas from MEN, Bro Network, CF, Icon Male or ASG MAX and others? Or psychological/criminally violent films from Raging Stallion and others? Or twink porn from Helix who they constantly celebrate and make partys are exaggerated and sex hardly no plays a role? No matter the topic or fetish, gay porn isn’t what it used to be since this Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid Generation/Agenda. The actual topic of β€œGAY” is pushed to the sidelines. That we also love, live, marry and want to be happy and are and we also have rights. Or where it’s just about hot, horny sex (which is what PORN is supposed to do). These are topics that no studio in gay porn has been interested in for a long time.

      1. I’m not bitter, I just gave examples. YOU are bitter at me because you answer me like that. Have I met/exposed you?

  3. All I want to see these good looking guys having office sex with having shirt, tie or bow tie and black dress socks on.. also, having gym/sport sex with having jockstrap, tshirt and black/white softball socks on.. but this studio does not have enough vision to make this happen. onlyfans creators have more production capabilities and vision than β€œgay” studios like Nds, men, corbinfisher..

  4. I appreciate Next Door because now that they’ve stopped shooting straight men without literally getting them to do anything beyond trade sex, when they do have a good scene or a good chemistry between the scene partners, it’s a nice, long scene. However, even with those – as others stated here – the scenes often go on way too long. A good example is Jayden Marcos auto repair scene with Alex Tanner. It was quite clear that Alex really wanted it and it looked and felt like Jayden was very into it, but the extended into was therefore more distracting than not.

    I do agree that these are superior to the laughable MEN scenes, even when Next Door has a female on set, but that’s a very low bar to transcend. Bad indie You Tube student films are superior to MEN’s shit.

    The directors also need to improve.

    Hopefully if Scott Finn is now married, he’s done doing gay for pay porn and he can take Carter Woods with him

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