1. A

    Working with exclusives, not letting models be on social media, etc. were doable in 2000s and early 10s, however, in today’s conditions it is almost impossible doing things in old ways.. so cf needs to open to outside models and let them come and go/work with other producers to continue its existence..

  2. EJ

    Oh dear . (S)he certainly gets down…

  3. Alex

    How does this dollar store wonderbread keep getting called?

    • Marshall Fox

      Maybe because he isn’t some tattooed, pierced, bearded, skinny assed concentration camp survivor,G4P asshole like 90% of the other pieces of shit in this failing business, that appears to like what he is doing and not mentally making a grocery list while he is being fucked as you can see by the cumshots instead of the couple drips these other fucks produce. What’s wrong with you and the other dick Magnus? Did he turn down your request to come over and let you drink his piss? Why don’t you and mangled go fuck each other since you feel so superior to this kid trying to make a living. What studios and scenes did you make so we can compare your superiority to all the others in this business. Have a nice day and an eternity in hell! You guys make me sick.

  4. logogay

    It’s just strange that they then paired solo models who hadn’t worked for other studios, so they were basically new to the industry, with vaginas (coed videos) and then never went back for gay videos (ACM). Or just did solos and never returned, while some later made their “gay porn debut” for other studios under new names. The last two examples are the “Models” Teagen or Patrick! Such tactics and behavior all make sense for a “gay” porn studio where a lot of money is at stake? No wonder that no “gay” interested person(?) wants to subscribe or other CF Customers cancel. CF make and have done (in the past) a lot of wrong things and mistakes. It’s their own fault too. If they didn’t behave like that in the past or today, then they wouldn’t have to worry about their existence. Of course, people lose interest in subscribing if they only have the same “Alpha Roaster Animals” (Barron/Rocky or others) in the “CF system” and occasionally pair them with actors who have already worked together for other (better?) studios and people already know them.

  5. Nick

    Gorgeous boy. But his eyes are Blue or Green, not Hazel.

  6. Cherrystick

    Listen, hands down the cum shot in this scene for CF was epic as hell. That boy shot off like a geyser.

  7. Magnus

    Why is this mouthbreather in porn?

    • Marshall Fox

      What a stupid comment, mouthbreather. How do you breathe, out of your gaped, hemmroided, fissured asshole? See above comment to your hateful buddy Alex. Have a beautiful day!

    • Marshall Fox

      Mouthbreather. What a stupid comment. You actually had to sit down and take the time to put this kid down. Good job dickhead. Do you get off feeling so superior? Have a beautiful day and hope you keep breathing so you can keep putting people down.

  8. OldFatGuy

    Ew, ugh… We did not need to be reminded that he suffered through an encounter with Bo Sinn.

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