Spotted on TV: Paul Walker (tip @ Rhys)

Paul Walker [movies], who is Bruce Williams [movies] in straight porn, is known for his gay porn scenes at Staxus and Men.

He was spotted in the third episode of This Town.

It’s not a speaking part. Paul, as Karl, passed by one of the show’s lead actors, Jordan Bolger, as Gregory Williams, to meet his fellow skinheads on the dance floor. Then Gregory was in an argument with three guys, including Karl. The four guys went outside for a fight, where Karl and his buddies lost to Gregory.


  1. Camille

    Handsome boy. Bravo and I hope you the best!

  2. EJ

    I am surprised he used the same “stage” name as the very handsome and well known mainstream actor who died in a car accident 10 years ago. That Paul Walker was into very young women.

  3. Sauron

    Did he pretend to be straight? Or openely admited he likes fucking and hooking up with dudes?

  4. Mic

    Nice! I read that he went on to do stunt work. He still looks great. I always thought that he was vastly underrated, as a dom top in his gay scenes. He was, imop, one of the best dom tops that never got the studio recognition he deserved.

  5. R47

    He was an excellent bottom too but if I remember correctly, he never sucked. As to his porn name. I don’t think the main stream actor Paul Walker was a big name entertainer yet when this guy did gay porn.

  6. Jktooo

    He still does quite a bit of porn for killergram. He is still hot but it appears his gay porn will stay in the past.

    • EJ

      His link says he did almost 50 gay movies, so “the past” ain’t an option, honey. That shit am here to stay for eternity.

      • Jktooo

        No u missed my point: it appears hes not going to do gay porn anymore bcuz its been years hes done gay porn and the porn he does is for killergram which is a str8 studio.

        • EJ

          OK I understand now. Thanks for letting me know.

          • Jktooo

            Np. Too many ppl get nasty here so glad to clear that up. πŸ™‚

            • EJ

              I hear ya! Probably best to not get too involved on here. Porn isnt that important. It’s all fantasy. It’s always been that way.

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