Back as the bottom: Kieran of Sean Cody

Last week, Sean Cody made the mistake of promoting the upcoming threesome of Kieran as his first time as the bottom.

The first time happened in 2019.

His second time is the latest update on the site. This is Keiran’s sixth scene at Sean Cody since his return last year after a four-year hiatus.


  1. Jktooo

    Denz, u should do a quick write up of Daniel/daniel lebang/andy catlins return to sean cody. Check his X page catlintheanimal and his 4/6 post he announces his return to sean cody! Super exciting

    • Bucko

      Great news! He was way under utilized when he appeared on MEN. I’d hoped that he would bottom at least a once but no….so fingers crossed that his return to Sean Cody will include him giving it up again!

      • R47

        His bottoming for Randy (R.I.P) was awesome. Back in the day his bottoming for Brandon was pretty good too. I think bottoming for Asher and Deacon would be interesting (are they still together?) and I’d love to see him bottom for a returning Landon would be great too.

  2. R47

    Oh. Those damn socks are ridiculous. It ain’t 1950 anymore

    • EJ

      I’m confused. Those look like the socks everyone wears. I would wear those black ones. What gives? Do you only like the anklet ones?

  3. R47

    Socks are ridiculous in porn . No need for them.

    • Magnus

      As long a we aren’t looking at dirty feet!

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