1. McM.

    Stag Homme was closer to Raging Stallion more than anything.

    Should be interesting to see where Carnal takes it from here.

    • Jktooo

      I agree. Usually big burly guys many very hairy chested

    • sdsr

      Showing up at Carnal, whose sites probably feature more fake cum than any other and who have edited the photos above to make Skye’s cock look bigger than it is, isn’t an encouraging sign.

  2. Jktooo

    Im not a huge Manuel Skye fan but he really is good in fucking in super masculine positions such as 2nd pix with his right leg up on chair back….super sexy!

    • Jktooo

      Ooops…thats not a couch…looks like a lounger. Haha

      • NovaStar

        Stag Homme was a good site but I’m concerned about it being a part of Canal+. They are a shitty company and i fear that their lack of good quality will spread to this site.

        We will see.

  3. baz

    Was this the studio started by Damien Crosse and his partner back in the day?

  4. Alex

    For fuck sake, I DESPISE Carnal and that creepy mofo Legrand Wolf, they couldn’t have just let this studio rest in peace.

    I hate all of this.

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