Straight and gay: Dino Bravo (tip @ EJ)

The latest update at Naked Sword was the second scene of Dino Bravo on the site.

There are now two guys named Dino Bravo.

The first one, now retired, filmed for straight porn [movies] for sites like Devil’s Films.

As for Danny Wyatt, the scene partner of Dino at Naked Sword, there is also a guy named Danny Wyatt who uploaded his homemade scenes at Raw Fuck Club.


  1. EJ

    Awesome Denz! Did you see my comment about the “straight” Dino? Thanks for remembering him!

    • Denz

      I totally forgot to credit you on the post. I added it now.

      Thank you!

  2. Jktooo

    Loved Dino Bravo the str8 guy. There was a show on showtime called “Family Business) about PS Adam Glassers porn business. Dino showed up on an episode auditioning (obvi on showtime its all softcore so no nudity) and i thought he was super hot but i didnt think it was real. Then within a year or so after seeing him he was in real porn and i was floored and so happy to see him fuck for real. Adam Glasser i also saw in real porn and he is hot too!

    • EJ

      Thanks for the info on Dino. I never knew he did that show. Good to know you were a fan as he never became a big name in porn like other guys of that era such as Dale Dabone, Scott Styles, Nick Manning, Evan Stone, Joey Ray or Julian Rios.

    • 6dy

      What a shocker the right wing gay guy worships straight guys…

      • jktooo

        worship? really? show me where im worshiping anyone dummy. admire and think someone is hot is not worshiping i dont worship humans jerk too many are dummies kinda like you.

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