If you miss him: Connor Maguire

If you miss Connor Maguire [movies], this is not his comeback scene. His latest scene, released today by Belami Online, was filmed 10 years ago.

The scene was filmed during the time Belami Online collaborated with Naked Sword in 2014.

It was shot with condoms.

This is Connor’s scene partner (Tom Pollock) now.

As for the use of condoms in the scene, it was mentioned by Belami Online in 2014 that their archive of condom scenes was nearing its end.


  1. logogay

    What’s that supposed to mean? Why should we (some younger generation of gays) miss something that don’t know? Maybe older “hypocritical gay queens” who are also on this blog? I only know him from the Falcon/NakedSword/Next Door subscription and because he used to make good gay videos and “classified” himself as bi. He was ok and his scenes were good to download and view. But I don’t really care what he does or plans to do now or in future. He did his “work” in gay porn and got paid for it. No more and no less. But he shouldn’t make the same mistake as that guy “Andrew Stark” who came back to filming for a scene or two and the scenes was so bad that he disappeared again. He’s with it not doing gay customers any favors and especially not for his image himself!

    • Bsg67

      Are you okay? Mate it’s just porn take a breath

      • logogay

        Things are going great.
        But all the hypocritical Quenns and Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid people here on this Blog don’t seem to be doing well as soon as someone doesn’t appreciate their “idol”.
        Like about Dino Bravo, who is a straight porn “star”.
        Which gay people still watch straight films from these Actors these days?
        Only those, because they are either not gay or belong to this “queer everything-fucker agenda”!
        All “old lying queer shit talk” here….including yourself…….

        • Phil H

          Just because you have a developmental age of 8 doesn’t make you actually young.

          Put away your clown shoes, stop tossing out your weird word salads, and permanently log off the internet.

          • logogay


        • NCBored

          Such hatred of everyone who doesn’t share your narrow extremist outlook – seems pathological.

          You’re not the purity police!

          I know it’s a mistake and waste of energy to engage with zealots, but occasionally the disgust has to be vented.

          • logogay


      • logogay

        The difference is that, unlike you all, I’m gay and don’t include my vagina/bi/queer/fantasy in gay porn. Next week your favorite queer Agenda Studio MEN/MG will be releasing a special special “Bi” scene for you all! You all can celebrate again when a gaybaiter and a femboy fuck and lick a vagina together. Conversiontherapy at it best for all of you! This is yours alone. I’m looking forward to the report here and the positive opinions from your agenda hypocrites!

        • Phil H

          That there is one of those weird word salads I told you to stop tossing out. And since I’ve been gay for a long, long time I have seniority.

        • Bsg67

          I get what you’re saying about the decline of gay porn I’m 56 and gay and only gay but I don’t care if people are bi fluid blah blah that’s what floats people’s boats these days. There is decades of classic gay porn available online and finally without trying to sound mean you come off like that crazed Jk Rowling cow and her anti trans women rants. All the best though.

          • logogay

            That’s exactly the big lie with people like you and others who claim to be gay and ONLY gay. You immediately get upset and defend being fluid, the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people, the scenes, the actors and claim that it doesn’t interest you. And yet you immediately celebrate bi or “fluid conversion therapy scenes” from studios like MEN/MG or when a gay complains about it in this blog. You are so wrong and ambiguously hypocritical. Like Derek Kage and Others when they first claim to be gay, then fuck vaginas and attack and make fun of people when no one can understand these lies and provocations from these actors. In reality, you and your fluid/queer friends are the problem, not gays who want to defend and keep their gayporn or their gayspace.

            • Bsg67

              Claim to be be gay? Bitch get a life

          • Lonny

            Stop with your anti straight rant.

    • Ted

      Despite what you are reading in some of the comments, I think you are reading too much into this article… people “Miss Connor” because they liked him as a porn star. Just like you can miss an older recipe of candy or “Miss the old Simpsons” or “Miss the other Batman movies”. Those old Batman movies still exist, but you are saying you want more of them. You aren’t saying you miss Christian Bale the person and how they’ve spent their lives up until now post Batman…

      People that “Miss Connor” miss him as a porn star and want to see more of him or what he looks like now, not as much what he’s doing with his life. This is not like the Army where you have to do your service after you turn 18 and then disappear into society when your a veteran. (That whole metaphor is gross to me, but I hope you get it)

  2. sammy1023

    Loved Connor Maguire, so damn sexy. Would let him do anything he wanted to me, day, night, and at twilight.

  3. Bruiser

    Connor was one the sexist dudes evah! He went from scrawny twink to uber hawt MAN. But not a roided out plucked robot. Heard he was very nice guy, miss Big Ginger.

  4. tickle

    I miss Connor Maguire, too! He was always a great performer and always seemed like a nice guy. He has just the right amount of ginger fur, and like Bruiser says, definitely was not just another “roided out plucked robot” lol. I wish there were still more like Connor around, but unfortunately there just aren’t….

  5. jktooo

    Connor is the hottest ginger ever to do porn. He did a couple Trans Bareback scenes but i dont think he ever did gay bareback which would be hot to see. Please come back Connor!

    • EJ

      What does ginger mean? It sounds like a cute expression.

        • EJ

          Thank you. That is so cute! I never heard that expression.I love Rita Hayworth, Susan Hayward, Belinda Lee,, Tina Louise, and sometimes rcopperheads like Stella Stevens, Sharon Tate.,Ann-Margret, and Kim Novak. I also think Harlow and Lana were sometimes redheads. Were there any other redheaded classic beauties of the 1930s-60s?If so I love them all except Kate hepburn. xox

  6. Deepgloat

    Connor will never make a cumback. He stated in numerous interviews that he will never do bareback videos. Since bareback has almost completely become the norm nowadays, there’s really nowhere for him to go now.

    • John

      With men. He did it with chicks w/ dicks.

      • Deepgloat

        He did? Huh.

        Okay, guess he’s a hypocrite then. Or woefully uninformed.

    • Jktooo

      That makes no sense since he fucked bareback a couple times tgirls…men pretending to be chicks.

  7. Pavel Ford

    WOW – Tom Pollock really has not aged well. His many mistakes ..uh -INK, look like some kind of industrial accident.

    • JJ

      Yup! Disappointed by the pre-mature aging and especially those fucking tattoos, which are unnecessary.

      He was such a hottie when he was at Bel Ami. I liked him because he was one of the guys there who really liked gay sex. It was evident.

      Still, I’m glad Denz posted this update on him here!

  8. EJ

    I HATE to admit it, but I do come on this blog just to see what THE crazy one has to say, even though it is essentially always the same old longwinded non sensical shit. What a hetero hater! WTF?

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