If you miss him: Dolf Dietrich and Daniel of Sean Cody (tips @ Jktooo & AndThenTheresMaude)

Dolf Dietrch [movies] was introduced 10 years ago and filmed for multiple studios. He had the most scenes released at Carnal+ before he decided to stop filming for gay porn in 2022 (?).

If you miss him, he is back. He recently did live cam shows at Chaturbate [room].

Daniel (aka Sawyer of My Friends’ Feet) was known for his work at Sean Cody since 2012, but his earlier scenes were removed from the site.

He had a two year pause at Sean Cody, and he came back in 2022, where he also filmed for Men.

It has been another two years since a scene of Daniel was released. If you miss him, he shared to his followers on X that he was back at Sean Cody.


  1. Jktooo

    AWESOME!!! Luv me some andy catlin!

    • Bucko

      Just hoping his return scene would be a bottoming one as it’s been eons since he’s taken dick!

      • Jktooo

        I dont think thats in the cards. Just me but i think he just loves to fk hole. At some point in life u get to where u just wont compromise. Maybe if they paid him more perhaps but i just think based on his fucking scenes he just loves dom over his male scene partner.

    • Fathom

      He’s so handsome. I used to think he turned it on too much, i.e., pretend over-enthusiasm. But maybe not. Overall, he’s very sexy and has a fun personality. I too hope he bottoms again.

      • Jktooo

        I used to think that too but now i think thats just his personality and he is probably like that in his own personal sex life. Obvi idk that for sure but it fits his personality.

  2. JR

    Do you really want an answer to “did you miss Dolf Dietrich”?

    • Steve

      Drama is as drama does for this dude..

      Apparently Dolf and his latest partner (Jack) have split( surprise, surprise) and Dolf had to move out.

      Seems a 2-4 year “relationship” is as long as anyone can put up with his crap.

      • JR

        Ah yes Jack Mackenroth. Another drama filled queen. Went on a drug filled rampage accusing Dolf of having child porn on his laptop, violently assaulting him, getting back together, relapsing, pouring his heart out for attention and sympathy on social media platforms. Begging for money through gofundme for hearing aids because he was going deaf (allegedly), all while pretending he is the “premiere male medical esthetician in New York…Skincare Daddy” (lies- he is an employee of a clinic making minimum wage) meanwhile, his face looks like something from an episode of botched. These people are liars, conmen and grifters and their admirers validate this behavior. It’s pathetic.

    • baz

      I know him more for his offscreen drama than his onscreen performance.

      • JR

        That’s because it’s everywhere. I mean seriously, how many times can you end up in drama filled situations before people realize that YOU are the problem? Between his stint as a bartender in Palm Springs who got fired and “cancelled” because of a racist comment (woe is me…why is this happening to me??), to the violence and child porn accusations by his on again off again narcissist BF Jack Mackenroth. Total embarrassment.

        • baz

          Oh, he made racist comments too?

          A hot, mouldy, left out for 48hrs and remicrowaved mess.

    • Camille

      I don’t know but that showing hole was inviting.

  3. Nick

    DOLF DIETRICH: Strange person, with accusations of pedophilia in the past. Creepy.
    DANIEL: Beautiful man.

  4. R47

    Daniel. First time I saw him he was bottoming for Brandon.

    Granted most of his scenes are as a top, but DAMN, the scene he did with Randy (RIP) he bottoms various times and positions and it’s hut

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