Loves to top: Marcus McNeill, Colt Spence, Paddy O’Brian, Malik Delgaty, Shadow, Viktor Rom, Harold Lopez, and Kyler Drayke

Marcus McNeill (or McNeil) was the top to Jake Wild at The Bro Network.

Colt Spence was the top to Saint Daniel at Cocky Boys and Sage Roux at Kink Men.

Paddy O’Brian was the top of Allen King, while Malik Delgaty was the top of Angel Santana, and Shadow to Joey Mills at Men.

Viktor Rom was the top to Pietro Duarte at Bromo.

Harold Lopez was the top to Allen King at Lucas Entertainment.

Kyler Drayke was the top to Dex Devall at Masonic Boys.


  1. Jktooo

    The Malik-Angel pairing was a wonderful pairing. Not Maliks best chem w scene partner (we all know he has little to no chem w most of his scene partners) but it is a good contrast pairing. Maliks best chem in a scene was his OF pairing with ultra twinkish slight petite Chad/Leo Gold which was very sensual and Malik was into him.

    • Jktooo

      Oops. Leo GRAND not Gold, Blake Mitchells prev BF.

    • Jktooo

      And all u malik haters FK OFF! Not even a please fk off…just FUCK OFF!

    • Camille

      I am a fan of Malin Delgaty. But I love more his sensual play alone. For instance, when he sucked a giant dildo naked, when opens his hole some times or when he is at campus naked dancing. I love his exhibitionism. Of course I loved when he bottomed (although I have mixed feelings about it). He’s bottoming teaser in the 10 year MEN aniversario was hot too. For me he lost his anal virginity there.

  2. baz

    Only here for the first two and last two pairings.

  3. Cherrystick

    None of these men do a single thing for me whatsoever.

    • Camille

      You are a very demanding man. Greetings by the way!

  4. Bucko

    Kyler Drake has such a juicy plumpish butt that begs to be played with and filled with dick! I hope that he’ll give up his cherry soon!

    • Jktooo

      Kyler only fucks women and will have relationship and date women, not men. This is his self admitted confession in an interview.

  5. logogay

    I don’t care who or what acts as top. Most of the actors already have an expiration date and don’t give a shit about gays or gay porn. They only earn their money, which I personally think is a shame because it affects the quality of the scenes and becomes routine for such G4P actors. Some of them have never blown, rimmed or kissed a man. And this is good porn? NO! But what I find much more interesting is that there are again some comments here from well-known queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people who exist in this blog and once again show their true face and go crazy! Then they immediately become personally insulting towards gays and wish them everything bad and even worse. Just like these “Lie barron actors” are currently doing when they claim to be gay but then it turns out that they love to fuck both professionally and privately vagina and then they agitate against everyone who doesn’t accept being that way. If they can’t push through their “agenda” in gay porn or here in this blog and they can’t make it “normal everyday life” in gay porn, then EVERYONE will show their “true face” and their “madness” at some point. Because they can’t gays agree to “I fuck everything and I watch everything and say I’m gay”.

  6. Bruiser

    The bowling pins have more passion than Malik.

  7. Fathom

    Allen King is like a spider monkey in heat; he does nothing for me, and Paddy O’Brian, sexy man that he is, is a much better bottom (which I think he prefers going by the amateur stuff he does) than top.

  8. jim

    The only thing better than a totally nude Harold Lopez, is a totally nude Harold Lopez dripping wet!!

  9. Jackson

    Colt Spence has a smooth muscular ASS. I hope he shares it one day. 🤞

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