Round-up: A flip-fuck bisexual train fuck, stealthing, and an empty house at Hot Guys Fuck

Since the femboy trend started, I’ve always seen them as the bottom, except for Foxy Alex. Foxy was the top in his femboy scene at Twink Top, and now he showed his versatility in his flip-fuck bisexual train fuck with Michael Vente at Men (via Why Not Bi).

Staxus has released the first scene of their latest series, Condom Haters. The email they sent about Condom Haters included an article of what stealthing is.

Due to plumbing issues, the house that Hot Guys Fuck uses for their live cam shows is empty. The house is owned by Dmitry Dickov, co-owner of Hot Guys Fuck. Dmitry has stopped with the renovation of the house. (tip @ MoPFan)


  1. McM.

    Stealthing. That’s gross. Every single guy who stealth fucks another deserves to cough up blood from deep within their lungs.

  2. HermanCee

    Fem Boys and Chicks with Dicks is not my cup of tea but… god bless you guys who like this kind of turn-on. Not a HATER.

  3. wQ

    ‘Guys we’re REALLY against this thing, but here’s a whole porn site dedicated to it.’

  4. Mark B

    You don’t need to own the house to fix the plumbing, unless it’s about the $$. Or an excuse…

  5. Cherrystick

    Any performer who engages in these scenes are an immediate turn off to me.

    Phoenix Fellington is another example. This man has engaged exclusively in gay porn and has always presented himself as gay to the masses. He’s never done anything outside of homosexual activity in porn. All of the sudden this guy is now engaging in a bi threesome and he’s really advertising what he claims as his first str8 sex. Doing so with a BWC. Even going as far as saying being inside of her vagina was home sweet home. He blocked and insulted all of the people who questioned why and he claims that he was bisexual all along. It was an instant turn off.

    • NovaStar

      I saw that and was appalled. The part that bothers me is how he’s presented himself as being gay and now all of a sudden, he’s a bisexual? That’s some bullshit and that’s totally not what a lot of us are wanting to see. It’s frustrating to see so many gay performers become formerly gay. And even worse, these guys would do more with these broads than they would with any guy that they have been with on camera & that’s offensive as fuck.

      • Cherrystick

        I agree. The thing about it is this, those men have always been into women from the first place. I appreciate a performer being honest from the jump. If you’re into men and women then let us know. If you’re a good performer, the gays can look past the scenes with women and focus on the ones with men, all the while still supporting you.

        Then to come down on your gay supporters simply because they’re confused or questioning the sudden change is ridiculous. These men got you to where you stand in the industry. Alienating them is the wrong move. This instant switching is nothing more than calculated. He said he’s always been bisexual and that people just assumed. Sure Jan.

        • NovaStar

          Exactly. It’s also the nasty & arrogant attitude he’s giving when confronted with these questions that pisses me off. How can you be making content in a particular way and then when you switch up, you expect us just to lay back and say nothing and accept it? It doesn’t work that way, we wanna know what the hell is going on. Like you said, if you just came out and said you were bi from the start, then we could all work with that. I may not wanna see the dude with a woman, but at least I know he’s a bisexual and that’s who he is but to do a 180 like that? Nah that’s not cool at all. I’m glad i don’t spend money on his shit cause I’d be so angry. Deception ain’t cool.

  6. Alex

    “We know stealthing is a bad thing, so watch this in an attempt to make money off of it”

  7. Pavel Ford

    Damn, that first set of pics with the “fox tail” fem boy and the broad with a belly…How in Fucks Name does anyone get off to this shit?

  8. Nick

    Stealthing is disgusting, insensitive, irresponsible and I think that anyone who acts in this abominable way should receive criminal prosecution and also action for moral damages. It is absolutely unjustifiable and websites that release this type of gross scenes should be boycotted until they go bankrupt.

  9. NovaStar

    I’m just paying attention to this Stealthing stuff and I’m totally grossed out by it. That’s criminal activity in my eyes. You could be giving someone an STD doing that and I’m supposed to be entertained by that? They got me fucked up cause that’s disgusting. We can’t get basic gay sex to be performed in these films, like both guys sucking dick, but I gotta see guys deceive another just to get off? That’s bullshit.

    • Nick

      Of course it´s criminal activity! Clearly it is.

    • Alex

      Stealthing is considered rape in some countries (Switzerland comes to mind) and illegal in others and you can be reported for sexual assault

      • Bsg67

        That was my first thought too it’s rape

  10. Cherrystick

    Stealthing is deplorable. These sites and conglomerates make us and our realm of sex seem like the gutter trash soaked in pure filth. We deserve better representation. They make it seem like gays will fuck anything and anyone and engage in any gross sex act imaginable. You’re highlighting one of the most dangerous acts in any realm of sex. These people are fucked up.

  11. logogay

    MG/MEN is still trying to implement its agenda with its queer/bi fantasies and to satisfy its mainly queer/bi/straigt/pan/fluid customers or fans! Disgusting agenda in gay porn that is reminiscent of modern conversion therapy when they tell in storylines that the next gay porn actor sinks his cock into a vagina for the first time for this studio! Who gives a shit about the homophobic makers of HGF/GH? It’s straight porn! Nobody from the gay community or gay porn should care whether these studios still exist or whether they finally belong to the past. Zero interest in such “news”!

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