Dallen of Corbin Fisher, Skylar Finchh, and Greyson Myles

Toes of Dallen

Oakley took his time to service each foot of Dallen at Corbin Fisher. And it had Dallen pull out his cock inside Oakley the moment he was about to shoot his load.

In the video, Dallen was still wearing denim pants.

Just the Twinks

The scenes of Skylar Finchh at Say Uncle always included an older guy, except for his latest scene with Dakota Lovell.

Loves to Bottom

The latest top for Greyson Myles, who loves to bottom, at Cocky Boys was Marcus McNeill, who loves to top.


  1. Paul Bayes

    Marcus is such a handsome guy will definitely check out this scene

  2. Pavel Ford

    Damn, The first time I watched Dallen he looked bored and it didn’t generate much heat. I can do without the toe sucking BUT, Damn if he doesn’t look HOT here. Very good looking guy. I will give him another chance, hope he shows some pep !!

    • bo69

      The only good thing about the CF is Oakley who has the best butt in the current stable.

      • Ty Huber

        My current CF fave is new twink Tony. So cute and 6’3″. But I’ve only seen trailers.

  3. emercycrite

    Dallen is so good looking.

  4. logogay

    After such a long break, I would have expected more commitment, passion and chemistry from Dallen. I’m very disappointed with his performance. I have the feeling that he puts more effort into bi or coed (straight) scenes than in scenes with men. But what do you expect from G4P/bi guys if they don’t like it and just do their “work”!

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