1. EdWoody

    That is not a “glow-up” in my opinion.

  2. Deepgloat

    Before: Cute hot guy with a delicious naughty side; marriage material.

    After: ‘Mm, er, none of the above.

    Seriously, **whyyyyyyy?!**

  3. Magnus

    Ink, nipple piercings, septum piercing, padlock chain…

    Adding more and more shit to yourself doesn’t make you look masculine, it makes you look like you’re deteriorating.

  4. Pavel Ford

    The BEFORE was so Much better !
    Seamus – “Can you give me a lot of creative tattoo’s ? Go to the point of what you think is too much and then just dump the bucket of ink on me please…” “Oh, and to really top it off, please put one of those bullrings through my nose, they do so make one look very smart, don’t you think?”
    Tattoo Artist – ” Sure thing dude, That will be more money than you make in 6 months please”

    SO SAD, he once was HOT

  5. NovaStar

    I can’t lie, when I saw the picture of Seamus without tattoos, I didn’t think it was him. All I’ve ever seen was him with the tats. It’s like night & day. Good grief

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