Spotted on TV: Marcus Allen in episode 2 of Lethally Blonde (tip @ Jimbo)

Marcus Allen [movies] had scenes released from 2003 to 2005 for sites like Falcon Studios.

He was on the news in 2006 for his arrest for the slaying of a Denver businessman.

By 2009, he was found guilty of murder.

He now identifies as a woman, and she is serving time in a woman’s correctional facility.

Her crime was the subject of this week’s episode of Lethally Blonde.


  1. MoPFan

    Wow. Would not have seen the video if you hadn’t posted it – thanks!

  2. NovaStar

    Wow I wasn’t ready for all of THAT! 😳

  3. Reg

    Has Marcus actually had surgery, or is he just “identifying” as a woman?

    I know that some prisoners go so far as to have the op, just to get out of men’s prison, but that there’s also a big debate about pre-op men identifying as trans and being allowed to transfer to female facilities.

    • EJ

      She has had surgery. I still think she should be housed with men. What a useless POS.

  4. Brad

    He was gorgeous, but what a tortured and tormented life this guy has, his upbringing didn’t help. The murder victim as well, clinging to sex for money from hetero identifying people rarely ever ends well.

  5. HermanCee

    Sorry. He doesn’t come across as a man with a woman inside waiting to get out.

    • EJ

      I agree. He seemed like 100 percent Gay, a total Queen, but not Trans. The fact that he made a woman pregnant- so what? Millions if not billions of gay men in the history of the world have had sex with women.

  6. PC

    If you haven’t seen it, and can stomach it, Criminal Cocks (Catalina, 2012) features Mr. Allen and a rogues gallery of others in a round-up some of gay porn’s most felonious. No surprises, but such fun!

    • EJ

      Two of the vicious animals also featured in that Criminal Cocks video Miss Tim Barnett (DON’T RIP) and Miss Tim Lowe weren’t bad looking. Not that it matters. Serial rapist Ms. Barnett had it out for females, as if it was their faults that she was a homosexual. The murderous Ms Lowe was taken back in gay porn seemingly the day after she was released of her two week prison term for killing a John.!The hideous Miss Ryan Idol is also featured. What a total lady! I always thought she was uglee as fuck. Ms. Idol’s Out BTW, so lock your doors. Hotties Miss Scott Randsome and Miss Eric Dahl are also in that fuck flick. I met Miss Dahl. She was a real… Dahl.. very sweet. xox

  7. EJ

    Speaking of Whatever happened to Mr. Chaz Bono? I heard he is driving a truck…

  8. Bsg67

    How does he pay for his transition most people can’t afford hospital care let alone an extreme surgical procedure and continues medication and monitoring of levels while in jail for life. No I have no issues with trans people be your best you can be but expensive AF so just curious

    • Reg

      Unfortunately, all anyone needs to do is say that they identify as female and then something as simply as growing their hair and wearing a bit of lippy and that counts as if they’ve had surgery or are even on hormones.

      We’re living in an age where just saying that you identify as someone or something counts as much as if you’ve been transitioning for a decade.

      • Bsg67

        Nope too simple explanation as Someone who works as a nurse also a hisriyy of working in government depts the amount of time and red tape you have to do to just change your name let alone your gender is obviously more than just some fox news blurbs and social media misinformation you’ve sucked up. Anyone know a real answer

  9. JK Rowling Stan

    Autogynephilia or fraud to get into female prison for an easier time.

    This is the stuff JK Rowling always gets into trouble for talking about, but it’s a real thing.

  10. Big Al

    Thanks for posting the video, Denz. I’m not sure why it disturbed me so much and then realized it was because it continually paints Allen/Boham as a victim and he is not. Probably the worst part was Larry David Paciotti (AKA Chi Chi LaRue) lamenting how he saw so much trouble in Allen and how tough the porn industry is, but not admitting he himself helped to use/abuse these “reluctant” porn guys and then helped throw them away. I found everything Paciotti said here to have a superficial smell to it, especially his last disingenuous statement that “I just felt like he was a tortured soul that I couldn’t help.”

    Everyone makes life choices. Allen/Boham wasn’t forced to do porn but rather he chose to do porn. I found it beyond disturbing that this “Lethally Blonde” doc paints Boham’s victim John P Kelso as somehow responsible for his own death. It claims, per murderer Boham, that he was “outed” about this porn past by his new boss, Kelso, and makes it sound like Boham blackmailed him and that he had no other options than to consent and succumb to him. But all of this is one-sided as the true victim can’t speak/defend himself. Wasn’t Boham a big boy who not only chose a porn career (and a very lucrative one it would appear) and then left it all behind, which shows he was capable of making choices? He couldn’t have reported this blackmail to the police or get a restraining order against Kelso? He couldn’t have just walked away? Found a better job than a bill collector? No, he claims he went to threaten and rob Kelso, but instead–after first pistol whipping him violently–he killed him! And then he tried to cover it up!

    And now this “I’m trans now” BULLSHIT in prison, which is as farcical as it gets. The doc never explains what Bonham did with all his porn money (seemingly made during the gay Imperial Years, where stars got paid more per scene) and only glosses over his so-called troubled past. We all have a past and we all have challenges. The difference is the choices we make. The (at this writing) 8 “likes” of this post I hope are only reflective of being informed and not actually celebrating a lying convicted murderer!

    • EJ

      Thanks for the great critique of the show. I love Holly Madison’s programs. This is her third series.

    • Bruiser

      Larry has many young men’s blood on his hands. Vile POS Hope he rots in hell.

  11. 007James

    Thanks for posting the entire clip. I found it interesting to know about these guys we see on sites. (This guy ended in a very bad way). –still interesting show.

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