X: Christian Wilde to Derek Kage “I want to talk to you about being called a faggot. And the word faggot. What is your history with that?”


Derek Kage on the word faggot “It was really never used against me. I was never called a faggot at school. When I started getting into the BDSM community, I started exploring dominance and submission. I learned that the word faggot can be triggering, but it can also be an erotically triggering word. My experience with the word faggot is more of an erotic use of the word.”


  1. Jktooo

    I LOVE wilde! Hes so deep yet so shallow at the same time, probably he doesnt get far into the mess of things yet he can push certain boundaries at same time. One thing is true: he truly loves what he is doing (porn) and his a top notch performer. He is also one of those performers who can cum from fucking no scene cut away edits and he can deliver hot as hell internal cumshots where u see dick pulsing as he shoots a load in a hole. Its fkn hot!

  2. MOP User

    Repeatedly pushing as much of your rectum out of your body as you can has negative consequences? Wow!

  3. Thanks Egon

    I thought Jessie Colter was dying of brain cancer? I’m glad he’s alive, but did I make that up or was that a real thing?

    • Reg

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. He was at Death’s door…but he hasn’t mentioned it since. If he really did have Cancer, then I hope he’s in remission, but I could have sworn he said that it was terminal.

    • Phil H

      What he said was that he had “incurable” brain cancer. As this link demonstrates, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s on death’s door.


    • JR

      I had the same immediate thought. He was diagnosed in February 2020 and of course the first thing he did was put his hands out money via go fund me (he wanted $15k). While he may or may not actually have “incurable” brain cancer, it’s so common nowadays to immediately be suspicious. I will say, as someone who lost a parent and a best friend to “incurable” brain cancer, neither of them survived for 4 years….

  4. logogay

    Just as Derek, together with Christian, trivializes and downplays everything and uses another excuse (he’s probably lying again just like he did about his sexuality), his behavior towards the gay community or gay porn is internalized in a homophobic and repulsive way. And when I see everything being reported here again, I completely forget it. Yes, I have to agree with Drew Dixon: It’s just sex work! Drew has also plunged his cock into a vagina several times and continues to claim to be the biggest gay in the world. I no longer believe any actor or studio. They all lie and at the beginning of their careers only say what customers or fans want to hear. Only later do they show their true disdainful and homophobic face about what they do and who they really are. Shooting conversion-like scenes with women and saying they are gay is disgusting and has nothing to do with gay porn. If only a fraction of the performers were honest from the start and said they were bi or queer or whatever, then gay porn wouldn’t have such a bad reputation and the gay fans or gay consumers wouldn’t feel used and treated as if they were the last piece of dirt or shit!

    • IDK

      The healthy instance to take in this subject is to just assume all pornstars, no matter which side of the industry, are on it for the money and leverage and keep at that (even if they claim the opposite, which they do a lot, by the way).

      In my experience, most of the self-id gay pornstars who are really obnoxious about their supposed sexuality (to the point of even presenting themselves as “gay icons”) are the most likely to venture into straight territory. It’s almost like they’re overcompensating or something!

      But then again, I miss the days when pornstars didn’t abuse parasocial relationships in the way they do today. It’s kind of sad how they target specifically lonely people who lack proper role models in their life while pretending their relationship with said people isn’t just about money.

      This is kind of predatory, if you ask me.

      • logogay

        Completely on target. Nowadays, gay porn only consists of queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agendas and actors who represent us gays, regardless of whether it is the older generation or the younger generation, who think they have to stage bi scenes with (supposedly) gay actors or femboys to shoot fluid queer productions (in which women or vaginas appear) for their so-called Z generation (even though there are have gays in this generation) and to completely exclude gays. But they still use the term or word “GAY”! They see themselves that way and they think it is that way. But being gay doesn’t mean “fucking everything” in these days. Even if it’s just work and porn. So they slowly destroy themselves. Financially and humanly. No gay these days has any desire to watch gay porn anymore because they repel them with such behavior. And unfortunately, many studios and actors obviously do it that way on purpose.

  5. Sean

    Nico is is certainly delusional… $800/hr for him… that’s funny!

    I’m a fan of ink, however, Hoss…WTF?!

    It must be a slow week, I don’t know who most of these guy are 🙁

  6. 2S

    Josh Moore “the general public” LMFAO less than 0.01% of them have ever seen or heard of you.

    • JR

      And 0.01 is a very very generous percentage.

  7. Max

    Jessie Colter is obviously a liar he made a video saying he is dying from brain cancer. It is so gross he made it up. He looks healthy and probably just wanted attention.

  8. NovaStar

    Hoss Kado – if I’m in pain on a regular basis & i have to take something like weed to get past pain that rates higher than a 5, then that would be my cue to stop doing the act that causes the pain so that i can live pain free. Homie will be walking around in Depends by the time he’s in his 40’s.

    Marcus Young – how can a man satisfy him after doing all of that to his hole? I can’t compete with a Power Drill lol

    Jesse Colter – i don’t know what the heck is going on with the dude but i like the purple hair. It’s better than a lot of his films.

    Nico – something is wrong with that dude where in order to have sex, he has to get paid for it. Get out of my face with that bullshit.

    Derek Kage & Christian Wilde – that’s a wild conversation. The word “faggot” will never be anything that i can see as being used as a term of endearment or a word to use to get off on. Different strokes for different folks, but that’s a bird that won’t fly over here.

  9. Reg

    Why would you have had any experience being called a “faggot” Christian, when you’re gay for pay and didn’t even start gay porn until you’d long since left school?

    • Sauron

      Idk maybe because ANY guy who has sex with other guy regardless of his sexual orientation is a “faggot” in the eyes of homophobes.
      You have sex with guys ur gay

      Men are called faggots even for such things like shaving their body hair, using cosmetics etc. My dad called me a faggot for using hairdryer lol.
      Fag =less of a man

    • C.A.

      Christian started porn at the age of 18.

  10. Magnus

    Hoss Kado – Dafuq? If your intestines are falling out of your asshole, then you aren’t doing anal sex properly. And someone like you really needs to lay off the weed, because you don’t have the brain cells to spare. What’s truly stupid… Posting it all online.

    Drew Dixon – It all depends on how you go about it. Some performers take it seriously by treating it like a job. Most performers kinda suck, and get filtered out of the industry.

    Nico – With those kinds of demands, you might be overvaluing yourself by just a smidge.

    Cliff Jensen – No need to announce to the world that you’re giving away your used shit. Just do it and know that by cleaning out your closet, you might be helping someone. Posting it online and fishing for kudos kills any good karma.

    Roman Todd – This is one of the most painful life moments in a person’s life. It’s been ten years since my dad passed unexpectedly, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t still feel sad about it. Though it does get less painful over time.

    Evan Knoxx – Good story. But I am more interested in the pic. Pigs are so cool. It’s unfortunate for them that they also taste delicious.

  11. Jackson

    I clicked on Hoss Kado to read the comment I left on his tweet. Only to find he blocked me! 😂 I had written, OMG You’re Asshole Fell Out. I guess he didn’t like that. I thought it was funny.

    Heath Halo is a STUD! I like watching him get fucked. 🤩

    Poor Aspen. I’ve been woken up to unwanted fondling. I’ll always have trust issues. 😖

    Yeah Sean Ford. I like when gay porn reaches the mainstream!😙

    • C.A.

      It was funny. I don’t understand how someone doesn’t know that being fisted for years that it would lead to this. Choices.

      Sharing a bed(s) with friends and waking up to them grinding and fondeling you is never fun. If i didn’t suck your dick before we fell alseep I don’t want you in that way. No longer friends with any of them.

  12. C.A.

    Disappointed with Wilde. I know there are many aspects in the Dom/Sub culture but he never had to explore this one in public and admit he enjoys saying it to people. I wonder if he will tackle race play in his next video.

  13. JR

    “Sex work is real work”…is it really though? You’re self employed right, self employed people pay for health insurance, so they don’t have to rely on gullible “fans” to pay for their alleged brain cancer (yes, you Colter). And Drew should get some decent wigs and write them off a business expense.
    Sean Ford really does think he is some sort of art house actor who is changing the world through their “craft” he and Matthew camp should work together. Battle of the most pretentious self absorbed and delusional “actors”
    And now we come to Josh Moore. Girl, you can barely read, never mind attempt to “read someone to filth” (also, nobody uses that term anymore). It’s so pathetic that he has to invent imaginary people trolling him and calling him names, to get attention. Nobody in the general public knows who he is, and the people who have had the misfortune of having met you, know that you truly are a toxic, vapid, vile and utterly pointless narcissist who offers nothing of value to the world. Correct, you are not a role model. Not by any stretch of anyones imagination.

  14. truthneverlies

    Please DON’T PROMOTE ANYTHING About Alejo Ospina. He is a shitty person, who “promotes” unhealty habits about food and mental disorders about eating and food. Only thinking people is “important” if have big dicks and a “pretty” face or body. But he is one of the shittiest person of the world!

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