AKA: Matt the Dom Dad aka Beaux Matthews

The third scene of Matt the Dom Dad and his third pair-up with Rob Quin is the latest update at Say Uncle.

He was first known in 2021 as Beaux Matthews at Chaos Men, where he had a scene with his real-life lover, Dick Dawson.

Beau Matthews was also the name that he used this year at Randy Blue.


  1. Jktooo

    I really appreciate how u r able to educate us. I woulda never put it together until iafd.com database reflected this which they r often quite behind on their data. I let them know about papi marcos/joey moriarty is the same person as soon as u did ur blog post but thhey still havent combined the seperate records.

  2. simp

    I find him incredibly hot, love that he is happily partnered to Dick Dawson for many years. Also, he’s a great singer too.

  3. logogay

    Hello! Did anyone here order a hot horny hairy daddy?

  4. Reg

    Well, he was certainly more interesting as Beaux instead of this new, I’m assuming, strict top “Dom” persona.

    I know sometimes the studios prevent these guys from continuing their established stage names, but otherwise, I’ll never understand why they change names and automatically use the fanbase they built up.

    • Jktooo

      Back in the day PSs kept their names studio to studio: ken ryker, jeff stryker, justin dragon, michael brandon, AJ summers brent corrigan. These days only the super stars yield the power to keep their names: johnny rapid, christian wilde, roman todd, dante colle, etc. czech PSs u can guarantee have at least a dozen names each, just seems to be the way they operate perhaps mixed w protecting their real identity.. As far as beaux matthews/mattthedomdad and joey moriart/papi marcos, for example, i have zero clue why they change names.

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