Rico Gabbani, Zane, and Justin Case

Rico Gabbani had two scenes released this week. The first one was with Jimmie Ackerman at Fresh Men. The other one, as Luke Geer, was with Dann Grey at Bad Puppy, a 2022 released scene by Jawked.

Speaking of a Jawked scene at Bad Puppy, the latest update at Jawked is a 2023 released scene from Bad Puppy.

The masked Zane is back at Men via Bromo. His latest twink was Cole Link. The scene looked like it was part of the Twink Fucker series.

The first studio scene for 2024 for Justin Case was released by Jawked. It had Justin top Aaron Lennox. This is their second pair-up. The first one was in 2022 at Broke Straight Boys.


  1. logogay

    Rico Gabbani from BA and among other names for other Eastern European studios is always good, as I adore BA (one of the oldest and last real GAYporn studios that has never been influenced by the “queer/vagina movement”). Most of the other Eastern European gay porn studios are already threatened with extinction or have come to an end. But that no longer surprises me. Gay porn is generally in danger of extinction!
    This “Queer Association” MEN/MG also contributes to this! With their boring, masked (even though you supposedly already know his face) robotic, monotonous fucking “G4P Fucker” Zane, for example, they can’t convince me, at least. This is quickly a low-quality mass-produced product from a “queer” studio in which the chemistry and the really hot gay sex (with kissing, rimming and mutual blowjob) are completely lost! But that’s well known also at MEN/MG!

  2. Nick

    Rico Gabbani: gorgeous.
    Masked performers: Not interested at all.
    Justin Case: handsome and funny stage name.

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