Newbies: Zane Kazan and Marco Alessandro

The first scene of Zane Kazan [X] at Cocky Boys had him as the bottom to Aiden Ward.

Zane now has three scenes as the bottom at Raw Fuck Club.

The first scene of Marco Alessandro at Men had him top Joey Mills.

According to Marco [X], he is an exclusive model of Men.


  1. logogay

    I think they both are good. It’s important when new faces appear in gay porn. I’m careful with Marco because he only sells himself on X as an “exclusive” model for this Queer Agenda MEN/MG. Unfortunately, since I don’t support them, I won’t see him. And there is no indication from either of them whether they are gay! As long as they don’t fuck vaginas for “gay” porn studios or become boring “crossover actors”, it’s fine with me. Because then they will also be put on my “RED LIST” and banned!

  2. Miguel

    Zane Kazan is my favorite bottom right now he is beautiful

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