X: Maximo Garcia on Lazzarato “His first time with a girl.” (tip @ Isiah)

The first studio scene for Lazzarato was released by Men. It had him top Allen King.

He had a relationship with Josh Moore that didn’t end well.

He is the latest gay guy to film with a woman for his fan site.

+ A few of his homemade scenes were uploaded by his scene partners at Raw Fuck Club.


h/t Cherrystick (via comment)


  1. Isiah

    He is a disgusting piece of shit not only that he literally admitted on Instagram that he is pansexual he’s been lying to the gay community and stealing their money and I believe the reason why he did this is because he been blackballed from the gay porn industry and what he did to loc and Josh Moore not only that he is lashing out at people who support him on Twitter we need to stop this freaking sexual fluidity/conversion therapy bullshit in the gay porn industry. We need to stop giving these fucking liars money. They believe that being gay is a choice.

  2. Isiah

    And please stop calling him a gay man. He literally say that he is pansexual on his IG account I have the screenshots.

    • Cherrystick

      Well he did say he was gay. He recently switched to pansexual. In a tweet from April 9th, 2022 he wrote the following:

      “I’m very gay, I’m proudly gay. That’s not such a thing as too gay. I wanna be even gayer. You don’t have to like me, just respect me and leave. 👋”.

      So clearly he’s a label user and a liar.

  3. Camille

    The guy is handsome. That’s why I care!

  4. NovaStar

    This dude is straight up TRASH! The way he was with Josh Moore & Loc alone makes him garbage but now he’s fucking some broad? The fuck?! Gay porn gets worse & worse every month now. Where are the real gay dudes doing porn who are worth a damn cause I’m not seeing them. Throw him in the trash can already.

    • Isiah

      Exactly. Where is all the real gay men gone? Why can’t I be like gay porn back in the good old days were there was no women including transgender men that was no sexual fluidity. Where does no straight for pay bullshit

      • NovaStar

        And that’s just it, I don’t watch gay porn expecting to see pussy, I watch it expecting to see nothing but dicks. I’m sick of all of this forced inclusion into these films. I’m tired of this “for pay” stuff that’s destroying the fabric of what makes gay porn “GAY PORN”. Someone can easily say “if you don’t wanna see it then don’t watch it”, but it shouldn’t even be there to begin with. I miss also miss how things used to be cause this new shit ain’t it.

        • logogay

          This “new” shit (Queer/BI/STRAIGHT/PAN/FLUID) has been in gay porn for far too long! Gays should boycott them all (studios/actors), then honesty would be in order! These people don’t deserve our money/attention if they treat us like this!
          I want them to call us haters/phobes! But THEY are the ones spreading hate and homophobia and insults GAYS!

  5. bottomboyfrombrazil

    New design, but same old obsession with non-gay sex and non-gay people. Other than that, this guy is pure trash.

  6. JR

    Couple of things
    1) when it said “first time with a girl”, I honestly thought you meant Allen King and his limited range of “ooh it’s so painful, this is the first time I’ve had a dick in me” faces.
    2) Josh Moore. What a sad attention seeking narcissist. You stayed with him for a year because you have no self respect- you would rather have stayed in an alleged abusive relationship than be single. According to you, you are the “more successful, make more money and more desirable”, so you held all the cards…all the power. And you now suddenly want to talk about it and expect people to have sympathy for you and the situation that YOU stayed in? Nice try duck face.

    • logogay

      In a way you are right. Gays can be so incredibly naive and self-destructive. FACT!
      And then they whine and howl. But they always fall for “guys” like this. They wouldn’t want it any other way.
      Thank God I have acquired a resilient shell and have become very careful around such performers. One day they would hate all gays if they exposed themselves or were exposed!
      I just say: honesty first of all ! Then nothing would be a problem.

  7. Isiah

    When I see these homophobes I remember all men tortured and murdered for being homosexual.I remember all the insults I received when I was young. Today 2024 a heterosexual prostitute insults us for being homosexual. He uses our sexual orientation to generate money and eat.

  8. IDK

    Another sexual charmelon.

    How hard is for these guys to simply say they’re bisexual? The gay porn industry is full of bisexuals already, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

    But no! The grifting must go on!

    It’s pretty clear that, as always, he took a gay identity in order to cash in on parasocial relationships. Like many of these pornstars do.

      • He has a daughter

        He has a daughter with a woman who he said he was in love with. This is not his first time with a woman. He’s bisexual. Fuck him for lying for the shock value. The gay porn industry is sick at this point. They’re constantly promoting conversion shit to their core audience. It’s become disgusting.

  9. logogay

    “The latest GAY guy to film with a woman”
    LOL, Anyone who is not GAY has never been GAY!
    “Pathetic Little Bitches”
    Typical insult to gays, gay fans or gay porn fans from such “queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid” actors! Now these “naive people” once again know in a painful way what it’s like when you pay and promote the wrong people!
    “Whiteout a Life”
    The only one without a life will be you Mrs. Lazzarato! Namely in the GAY community and in GAY circles! Everyone will dump you and then you can run away to your vaginas and “queer friends” like other “Lie Barrons” (Derek, Trevor and many others) have done before you!
    “He’s literally said he’s pansexual”
    He is welcome to have this “agenda”. I was lucky and never paid or looked at him. I knew immediately that there was something wrong with him and that he was lying from the start.
    Now the confirmation!

  10. Oz

    I read on one of this posts that he has a daughter in Brazil…..

    • Isiah

      He does got a daughter. He pulls her a lot on social media he been with his ex-wife 10 years.

    • logogay

      “GAY” Hahahaaaa
      “GAY” is hard to beat in terms of hypocrisy!
      “GAY” His “career” in gay porn is definitely over!

  11. Reg

    Pansexual. Jaxton Wheeler used to call himself that, so enough said.

  12. Cherrystick

    The truth of the matter is several things. First off this guy clearly is a POS. He’s a label user, a people abuser and he’s repulsive. Honestly no man or woman, gay, str8 or bisexual should want to put up with him.

    This guy and others who’ve been highlighted within the past few weeks are the best examples of how you should really be selective and scrutinize these men and your support for them. Think closely at how many guys have turned out to be like him. Reese Rideout was another prime example. Their actions and rhetoric are homophobic and dangerous. I don’t care if you see them fuck other men, look at how they view us. Look at how they verbally and in this case physically abuse us. It’s unacceptable and outrageous.

    On that note, let’s dive into something that seems to be very touchy. Any so called “gay” creator or performer that has been performing in manly gay sex work that goes on their public platforms and starts saying things like “I’m curious” or “I did something you might not” or “my first pussy”, you need to immediately call that crap out. They’re not just coming to a realization. These men have always dabbled into those realms.

    Now before some of you yell that this is biphobic, let me correct you. I’m talking about the ones who go on to say that they’re still gay afterwards. They just are trying to use the gays as their test subjects. They’re also doing a disservice to actual bisexuals by not claiming the label. They know they’re bi but they’re scared of loosing the gay dollar they’ve piggybacked instead of representing bisexuality.

    Look at the studios. Remember Arad and that lame ass dabble in bi porn. The backlash was fierce and deserved. He hasn’t been the same since. Fast forward eight years later and now you expect to see female anatomy in “gay” scenes or you expect a performer who’s not gay on the scene. We need to continue to put performers like that on frontline and call them out.

    I know some gays can’t get past a big dick or muscular body but I beg of you to take those rose colored glasses off and see the truth. By doing so, dumb-asses like Lazzarato can’t take advantage of us and our flavored bucks any longer.

    • NovaStar

      You spoke nothing but the truth. We must call these liars out.

  13. Bsg67

    So basically an over the hill rent boy

  14. Nick

    When two ex-partners say a person is bad, it’s no coincidence. It’s a fact. He is an abuser. Josh Moore and Loc Rios have said heavy things about him. Josh said his abusive behaviour almost killed him and Loc said he assaulted him and forced him to send almost $2,000. There are no doubts. Lazzarato is sordid. He needs to be totally boycotted. Giving him a platform is giving an ABUSER a platform.

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